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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019Combined effect of marine environment and pH on the impedance of reinforced concrete studied by electrochemical impedance spectroscopyGoudar S.K.; Das B.B.; Arya S.B.-
2021Development and Characterization of Biomedical Porous Ti–20Nb–5Ag Alloy: Microstructure, Mechanical Properties, Surface Bioactivity and Cell Viability StudiesShivaram M.J.; Arya S.B.; Nayak J.; Panigrahi B.B.-
2020Development and characterization of Cu/MWCNT composite prepared by electrodeposition techniqueBharathi K.D.; Rahman M.R.; Choudhary S.; Arya S.B.-
2021Development of reflective co-sputtered nanostructured metallic filmsPrajwal K.; Priyanka G.L.; Hasan M.A.; Carmel Mary Esther A.; Sridhara N.; Rajendra A.; Arya S.B.; Dey A.-
2020Electrochemical and Exfoliation Corrosion Behavior of Reversion-Treated High-Strength Aluminum AlloyNandana M.S.; Bhat K U.; Manjunatha C.M.; Arya S.B.-
2020Electrochemical Corrosion and Impedance Studies of Porous Ti–xNb–Ag Alloy in Physiological SolutionShivaram M.J.; Arya S.B.; Nayak J.; Panigrahi B.B.-
2020Influence of green inhibitor on flow-accelerated corrosion of API X70 line pipe steel in synthetic oilfield waterAjmal T.S.; Arya S.B.; Thippeswamy L.R.; Quraishi M.A.; Haque J.-
2020Influence of sample preparation techniques on microstructure and nano-mechanical properties of steel-concrete interfaceGoudar S.K.; Das B.B.; Arya S.B.; Shivaprasad K.N.-
2020Role of porosity on electrochemical corrosion behavior of porous Ti-20Nb-5Ag alloy in simulated body fluidShivaram M.J.; Arya S.B.; Nayak J.; Panigrahi B.B.-
2021Tribocorrosion Behaviour of Biomedical Porous Ti–20Nb–5Ag Alloy in Simulated Body FluidShivaram M.J.; Arya S.B.; Nayak J.; Panigrahi B.B.-