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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2013A comparative study of semiconducting behavior of passive film of high nitrogen and Ni and Mn free stainless steels in 3.5 wt. % NaCLArya, S.B.; Raja, V.S.; Tiwari, A.N.-
2018Crosslinked polymer doped binary coatings for corrosion protectionKaur, H.; Sharma, J.; Jindal, D.; Arya, R.K.; Ahuja, S.K.; Arya, S.B.-
2017Development and characteristics of accumulative roll bonded Mg-Zn/Ce/Al hybrid compositeAnne, G.; Ramesh, M.R.; Shivananda, Nayaka, H.; Arya, S.B.; Sahu, S.-
2017Development and properties evaluation of Mg-6% Zn/Al multilayered composites processed by accumulative roll bondingAnne, G.; Ramesh, M.R.; Nayaka, H.S.; Arya, S.B.; Sahu, S.-
2019Development of Multifunctional Thin Film Based X-Ray Intensity Filters for Space-Based PayloadsPrajwal, K.; Dey, A.; Sudhakar, M.; Nandi, A.; Esther, A.C.M.; Sridhara, N.; Yougandar, B.; Kumar, P.; Arya, S.B.; Rajendra, A.-
2018Effect of Heat Input on Microstructure and Corrosion Behavior of Duplex Stainless Steel Shielded Metal Arc WeldsGupta, A.; Kumar, A.; Baskaran, T.; Arya, S.B.; Khatirkar, R.K.-
2019Effect of hydrodynamics on the flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) and electrochemical impedance behavior of line pipe steel for petroleum industryAjmal, T.S.; Arya, S.B.; Udupa, K.R.-
2018Effect of zinc and rare-earth element addition on mechanical, corrosion, and biological properties of magnesiumKottuparambil, R.R.; Bontha, S.; Rangarasaiah, R.M.; Arya, S.B.; Jana, A.; Das, M.; Balla, V.K.; Amrithalingam, S.; Prabhu, T.R.-
2015EIS study and role of chloride ions concentration and temperature on passivity of AZ91D Mg alloyArya, S.B.; Kanaujia, A.-
2018Electrochemical corrosion behavior of Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al in different corrosive mediaArya, S.B.; Bhattacharjee, A.; Roy, M.-
2017Enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting behaviour of tuned band gap CdSe QDs sensitized LaB6Babu, M.S.; Sivanantham, A.; Chakravarthi, B.B.; Kannan, R.S.; Panda, S.K.; Berchmans, L.J.; Arya, S.B.; Sreedhar, G.-
2018Fabrication of samarium strontium aluminate ceramic and deposition of thermal barrier coatings by air plasma spray processBaskaran, T.; Arya, S.B.-
2018Hot corrosion resistance of air plasma sprayed ceramic Sm2SrAl2O7 (SSA) thermal barrier coatings in simulated gas turbine environmentsBaskaran, T.; Arya, S.B.-
2015Hot corrosion stability of double perovskite and pyrochlore in suphate solution of vanadates or chlorides at 900 �CBaskaran, T.; Sreedhar, G.; Arya, S.B.-
2018Influence of ceramic top coat and thermally grown oxide microstructures of air plasma sprayed Sm2SrAl2O7 thermal barrier coatings on the electrochemical impedance behaviorBaskaran, T.; Arya, S.B.-
2018Laser surface modification of Mg-Zn-Gd alloy: Microstructural, wettability and in vitro degradation aspectsRakesh, K.R.; Bontha, S.; Ramesh, M.R.; Arya, S.B.; Das, M.; Balla, V.K.; Srinivasan, A.-
2019Microstructural study of steel-concrete interface and its influence on bond strength of reinforced concreteGoudar, S.K.; Das, B.B.; Arya, S.B.-
2017Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical and Corrosion Behavior of Accumulative Roll Bonded Mg-2%Zn/Al-7075 Multilayered CompositeAnne, G.; Ramesh, M.R.; Shivananda, Nayaka, H.; Arya, S.B.; Sahu, S.-
2018Microstructure, mechanical and corrosion properties of accumulative roll bonded Mg-2%Zn/anodized Al-7075 compositeAnne, G.; Ramesh, M.R.; Nayaka, H.S.; Arya, S.B.-
2018On the corrosion resistance of some selective laser melted alloysSuryawanshi, J.; Baskaran, T.; Prakash, O.; Arya, S.B.; Ramamurty, U.-