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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2006Adaptive local cosine transform for seismic image compressionAparna, P.; Sumam, David S.-
2019Analysis of real-time tracking filters implementation in FPGAHaritha, G.; Aparna, P.; Srihari, P.; Satapathi, G.S.-
2019Automated Method for Retinal Artery/Vein Separation via Graph Search Metaheuristic ApproachSrinidhi, C.L.; Aparna, P.; Rajan, J.-
2017A comprehensive solution to road traffic accident detection and ambulance managementHari, Sankar, S.; Jayadev, K.; Suraj, B.; Aparna, P.-
2014An efficient algorithm for textural feature extraction and detection of tumors for a class of brain MR imaging applicationsParameshwari, D.S.; Aparna, P.-
2011Efficient Distributed Video Coding based on principle of syndrome codingAparna, P.; Sumam, David S.-
2016An efficient framework for segmentation and identification of tumours in brain MR imagesParameshwari, D.S.; Aparna, P.-
2013Fast response search and rescue robot, assisted low power WSN net for navigation and detectionKumar, S.; Reddy, V.; Prakash, P.; Aparna, P.-
2017A feasible QRS detection algorithm for arrhythmia diagnosisKhadirnaikar, S.; Aparna, P.-
2018Gradient-oriented directional predictor for HEVC planar and angular intra prediction modes to enhance lossless compressionShilpa, Kamath, S.; Aparna, P.; Antony, A.-
2016Irreversible wavelet compression of radiological images based on visual thresholdChandrika, B.K.; Aparna, P.; Sumam, David S.-
2011Multilevel coset coding of video with Golay codesAparna, P.; Sumam, David S.-
2012A nearest neighbor based approach for classifying epileptiform EEG using nonlinear DWT featuresHolla, A.V.R.; Aparna, P.-
2017Perceptually lossless coder for volumetric medical image dataChandrika, B.K.; Aparna, P.; Sumam, David S.-
2020Performance enhancement of HEVC lossless mode using context-based angular and planar intra predictionsSowmya, Kamath S.; Aparna, P.; Antony, A.-
2020Pixelwise improvised blend of predictors in HEVC lossless modeShilpa, Kamath, S.; Aparna, P.; Antony, A.-
2017Recent Advancements in Retinal Vessel SegmentationL, Srinidhi, C.; Aparna, P.; Rajan, J.-
2018Sample-based DC prediction strategy for HEVC lossless intra prediction modeSowmya, Kamath S.; Aparna, P.; Antony, A.-
2014Symmetry based perceptually lossless compression of 3D medical images in spatial domainChandrika, B.K.; Aparna, P.; Sumam, David S.-
2018A visual attention guided unsupervised feature learning for robust vessel delineation in retinal imagesSrinidhi, C.L.; Aparna, P.; Rajan, J.-