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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Aerodynamic behaviour of a linear subsonic compressor cascade in a droplet laden flowNarayanan, D.; Anand, S.; Anish, S.-
2018An aerothermal investigation of purge flow behaviour in a linear turbine cascade with upstream wakesBabu, S.; Anish, S.-
2017A comparative CFD study on the hemodynamics of flow through an idealized symmetric and asymmetric stenosed arteriesPrashantha, B.; Anish, S.-
2014Computational investigation of the temperature separation in vortex chamberAnish, S.; Setoguchi, T.; Kim, H.D.-
2019Computational investigation on secondary flows in a linear turbine cascade with tapered dual fenceKiran, K.N.; Sushanlal, B.; Anish, S.-
2019Computational investigations on the hemodynamic performance of a new swirl generator in bifurcated arteriesPrashantha, B.; Anish, S.-
2020Computational predictions of velocity ratio and ejection angle on purge flow in a linear turbine cascade with upstream disturbanceBabu, S.; Anish, S.-
2017Computational study of radial gap effect between impeller and diffuser on the unsteadiness of vaned diffuser in a centrifugal compressorAnish, S.; Sitaram, N.-
2019Discrete-Phase Modelling of an Asymmetric Stenosis Artery Under Different Womersley NumbersPrashantha, B.; Anish, S.-
2017An investigation on the effect of pitchwise endwall design in a turbine cascade at different incidence anglesKiran, K.N.; Anish, S.-
2020Numerical investigation on the effect of dry and wet compression on a linear low speed compressor cascadeNarayanan, D.; Anand, S.; Anish, S.-
2020Transient analysis of upstream wake inside turbine blade passage with purge flowSushanlal, B.; Anish, S.-