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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2017All neighbor fuzzy relational data association for multitarget tracking in the presence of ECMSatapathi, G.S.; Srihari, P.-
2019Analysis of real-time tracking filters implementation in FPGAHaritha, G.; Aparna, P.; Srihari, P.; Satapathi, G.S.-
2016Blast vibration signal analysis using S-transformTeja, V.V.S.A.; Chaitanya, S.V.; Akula, U.; Srihari, P.; Sastry, V.R.-
2018Comprehensive Track Segment Association for Improved Track ContinuityRaghu, J.; Srihari, P.; Tharmarasa, R.; Kirubarajan, T.-
2017A high speed complementary pulse compressor and its implementation of FPGAKumar, K.N.L.; Srihari, P.; Satapathi, G.S.; Sharma, G.V.K.-
2014LMS adaptation for assaying power profile delay estimation in MIMO-OFDM tacticsSashikanth, B.; Kiranmayee, P.; Srihari, P.-
2014MIMO radar ambiguity analysis of frequency hopping pulse waveformsSharma, G.V.K.; Srihari, P.; Rajeswari, K.R.-
2018Rough fuzzy joint probabilistic association fortracking multiple targets in the presence of ECMSatapathi, G.S.; Srihari, P.-
2017Soft and evolutionary computation based data association approaches for tracking multiple targets in the presence of ECMSatapathi, G.S.; Srihari, P.-
2018STAP-Based Approach for Target Tracking Using Waveform Agile Sensing in the Presence of ECMSatapathi, G.S.; Srihari, P.-
2016Study of 2D localization using SIMO antennaLaddha, P.; Prasad, R.; Shripathi, Acharya U.; Srihari, P.; Prasad, S.; Rao, P.H.-