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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018A QoS and QoE based integrated model for bidirectional web service recommendationJhaveri, S.; Soundalgekar, P.M.; George, K.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2018A quality-centric scheme for web service ranking using fuzzified QoS parametersShaha, M.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2016Query-oriented unsupervised multi-document summarization on big dataSunaina; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2013Resource aware scheduling in Hadoop for heterogeneous workloads based on load estimationKapil, B.S.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2018A robust approach to open vocabulary image retrieval with deep convolutional neural networks and transfer learningPadmakumar, V.; Ranga, R.; Elluru, S.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2017Saliency prediction for visual regions of interest with applications in advertisingJain, S.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2018Sample-based DC prediction strategy for HEVC lossless intra prediction modeSowmya, Kamath S.; Aparna, P.; Antony, A.-
2015Secure music sharing with improved potato system using cryptographic techniquesYadav, G.; Sowmya, Kamath S.; Prasad, G.-
2018SemAcSearch: A semantically modeled academic search engineDoshi, R.K.; Karthik, S.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2013A semantic search engine for answering domain specific user queriesSowmya, Kamath S.; Piraviperumal, D.; Meena, G.; Karkidholi, S.; Kumar, K.-
2016Semantic similarity based context-aware web service discovery using NLP techniquesSowmya, Kamath S.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2013Sentiment analysis based approaches for understanding user context in Web contentSowmya, Kamath S.; Bagalkotkar, A.; Khandelwal, A.; Pandey, S.; Poornima, K.-
2015A service crawler framework for similarity based web service discoverySowmya, Kamath S.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2014Similarity analysis of service descriptions for efficient Web service discoverySowmya, Kamath S.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2016Sociopedia: An interactive system for event detection and trend analysis for twitter dataKaushik, R.; Apoorva, Chandra, S.; Mallya, D.; Chaitanya, J.N.V.K.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2016A spatial clustering approach for efficient landmark discovery using geo-tagged photosDeeksha, S.D.; Ashrith, H.C.; Bansode, R.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2012Strong (weak) edge-edge domination number of a graphBhat, R.S.; Sowmya, Kamath S.; Bhat, S.R.-
2019A Supervised Approach for Patient-Specific ICU Mortality Prediction Using Feature ModelingKrishnan, G.S.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2018A supervised learning approach for ICU mortality prediction based on unstructured electrocardiogram text reportsKrishnan, G.S.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2016Towards Semantic Web Services: An empirical evaluation of service ontology generation toolsSowmya, Kamath S.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-