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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2015A bio-inspired, incremental clustering algorithm for semantics-based web service discoverySowmya, Kamath S.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2013A bottom-up approach towards achieving semantic web servicesSowmya, Kamath S.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2015Change propagation based incremental data handling in a Web service discovery frameworkSowmya, Kamath S.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2014Comparative analysis of Vertex Cover computation algorithms for varied graphsPatel, S.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2013Comparative evaluation of algorithms for effective data leakage detectionKumar, A.; Goyal, A.; Kumar, A.; Chaudhary, N.K.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2015A composite classification model for web services based on semantic & syntactic information integrationSowmya, Kamath S.; Ahmed, A.; Shankar, M.-
2018Concise semantic analysis based text categorization using modified hybrid union feature selection approachBhopale, A.P.; Sowmya, Kamath S.; Tiwari, A.-
2018Constructing an enriched domain taxonomy for Hindi using word embeddingsKeshava, V.; Avvara, P.; Sowmya, Kamath S.; Geetha, V.-
2018A content-based visual information retrieval approach for automated image annotationSenthil, K.; Arun, A.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2020Deep neural learning for automated diagnostic code group prediction using unstructured nursing notesJayasimha, A.; Gangavarapu, T.; Sowmya, Kamath S.; Krishnan, G.S.-
2019Deep Neural Network Models for Question Classification in Community Question-Answering ForumsUpadhya, B.A.; Udupa, S.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2019Discovering composable web services using functional semantics and service dependencies based on natural language requestsSowmya, Kamath S.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2017Domain-specific sentiment analysis approaches for code-mixed social network dataPravalika, A.; Oza, V.; Meghana, N.P.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2017Dynamic and temporal user profiling for personalized recommenders using heterogeneous data sourcesKrishnan, G.S.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2018Dynamic video anomaly detection and localization using sparse denoising autoencodersNarasimhan, M.G.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2018Enhancing web service discovery using meta-heuristic CSO and PCA based clusteringKotekar, S.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2014An equal share ant colony optimization algorithm for job shop scheduling adapted to cloud environmentsChaukwale, R.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2020FarSight: Long-Term Disease Prediction Using Unstructured Clinical Nursing NotesGangavarapu, T.; S, Krishnan, G.; Sowmya, Kamath S.; Jeganathan, J.-
2017Frame instance extraction and clustering for default knowledge buildingShah, A.; Basile, V.; Cabrio, E.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2019Graph energy ranking for scale-free networks using Barabasi-Albert modelMahadevi, S.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-