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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Low Frequency Ripple Charging of Li-Ion Battery using Bidirectional Zeta DC-DC Converter to Improve Charge Transfer EfficiencyGoud, J.S.; Kalpana, R.; Kiran, R.; Singh, B.-
2018Maximum power point tracking technique using artificial bee colony and hill climbing algorithms during mismatch insolation conditions on PV arrayGoud, J.S.; Kalpana, R.; Singh, B.; Kumar, S.-
2017Metabolomic profiling of doxycycline treatment in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseSingh, B.; Jana, S.K.; Ghosh, N.; Das, S.K.; Joshi, M.; Bhattacharyya, P.; Chaudhury, K.-
2018Modeling and Estimation of Remaining Useful Life of Single cell Li-Ion batteryGoud, J.S.; Kalpana, R.; Singh, B.-
2019Origin of ferromagnetism in Cu-doped ZnOAli, N.; Singh, B.; Khan, Z.A.; Vijaya, A.R.; Tarafder, K.; Ghosh, S.-
2018Power Quality Enhancement in AC-DC Converter Using Voltage Sensorless Control TechniqueSaravana, Prakash, P.; Kalpana, R.; Singh, B.-
2018Power Quality Enhancement Using Current Injection Technique in a Zigzag Configured Autotransformer-Based 12-Pulse RectifierKalpana, R.; Chethana, K.S.; Saravana, S.P.; Singh, B.-
2018Power quality improvement in front-end hybrid AC-DC converter based on current injection techniqueSaravana, Prakash, P.; Kalpana, R.; Singh, B.; Bhuvaneswari, G.-
2018Power Quality Improvement in Utility Interactive Based AC-DC Converter Using Harmonic Current Injection TechniquePrakash, P.S.; Kalpana, R.; Singh, B.; Bhuvaneswari, G.-
2018Solar Photovoltaic Array fed Push-Pull Buck DC-DC Converter for Telecom LoadPrakash, P.S.; Kalpana, R.; Singh, B.-
2018Three-phase three-level boost-type front-end PFC rectifier for improving power quality at input AC mains of telecom loadsSaravana, Prakash, P.; Kalpana, R.; Singh, B.-