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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2014Hardware-In-The-Loop testing of PSS for synchronous generatorLatha, A.H.; Shubhanga, K.N.-
2013Implementation and characterization of a numerical distance relay using a relay test-bench on RTAI-Linux platformPadmasali, A.; Amoghimath, K.; Hazarika, P.P.; Shetty, P.K.; Shubhanga, K.N.-
2014Implementation of a RTAI-Linux-based PLL and firing pulse generation for a laboratory TCSCRaju, R.; Shubhanga, K.N.-
2019Integrated Power Flow Analysis with Large-scale Solar Photovoltaic Power Systems Employing N-R MethodNavada, G.H.; Shubhanga, K.N.-
2015Laboratory implementation of a thyristor controlled series capacitorRaju, R.; Shubhanga, K.N.-
2018Large Power System Stability Analysis Using a FOSS-based tool: SciLab/XcosSingh, V.; Navada, H.G.; Shubhanga, K.N.-
2017Large-Signal Performance of Synchronous Machine Models in Power SystemsKotian, S.M.; Shubhanga, K.N.-
2017Loop flow performance of interconnected power systems with HVDC linksJohnson, T.; Shubhanga, K.N.-
2018MAPE-An Alternative Fitness Metric for Prony Analysis of Power System SignalsRao, K.; Shubhanga, K.N.-
2016Modeling of FACTS Controllers in power flow programmes to analyze prevention of loop flowsKishore, K.U.; Shubhanga, K.N.-
2017Modeling of protection of converter systems against faults in a DFIG-based WECSPrasanthi, E.; Shubhanga, K.N.-
2017Modelling of a solar photovoltaic power plant for power system studiesGirisha, Navada, H.; Singh, S.V.; Shubhanga, K.N.-
2014Obtaining the natural frequencies of linear time-invariant dynamic systems from driving-point system-function measurements employing conceptual source-measure unitsRao, I.R.; Shubhanga, K.N.-
2016Performance analysis of a grid connected DFIG for non-optimum power trackingPrasanthi, E.; Shubhanga, K.N.-
2011Performance of power system stabilizers in a fixed series capacitor compensated systemShashidhara, M.K.; Shubhanga, K.N.-
2014Performance of synchronous machine models in a series-capacitor compensated systemKotian, S.M.; Shubhanga, K.N.-
2013Real-time simulation of synchronous generator and its controllers on RTAI-Linux platformLatha, A.H.; Shubhanga, K.N.-
2017Response-type modelling of a two-terminal HVDC link for power system stability analysisJohnson, T.; Shubhanga, K.N.-
2014Rotor speed instability analysis of type-1 wind turbine generatorPriyanka, A.G.; Shubhanga, K.N.-
2017Rotor speed-instability performance of type-1 WECS employing double-cage induction generatorRashmi; Shubhanga, K.N.-