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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2010Interactions Between Soils and Laboratory Simulated Electrolyte SolutionNayak, S.; Sunil, B.M.; Shrihari, S.; Sivapullaiah, P.V.-
2002Kinetics of benthal sludge stabilizationBhargava, D.S.; Shrihari, S.-
2018Modeling of the transport of leachate contaminant in a landfill site: A case study in mangaluruDivya, A.; Shrihari, S.; Ramesh, H.-
2008Modelling for organics and nutrients release during Benthal sludge stabilisation : Part I -organicsBhargava, D.S.; Shrihari, S.-
2009Modelling for organics and nutrients release during benthal sludge stabilisation part il - NutrientsBhargava, D.S.; Shrihari, S.-
2009Nutrient contributions by benthal sludge depositsBhargava, D.S.; Shrihari, S.-
2000Organics and nutrients contributions by benthalsludges under continuously accumulating conditionsBhargava, D.S.; Shrihari, S.-
2004Performance evaluation of sewage treatment plant - A case studyYaragal, S.C.; Shrihari, S.-
2015Reuse of incinerated textile mill sludge as adsorbent for dye removalJahagirdar, S.S.; Shrihari, S.; Manu, B.-
2009Shear strength characteristics and chemical characteristics of leachate-contaminated lateritic soilSunil, B.M.; Shrihari, S.; Nayak, S.-
2008Soil-leachate interaction and their effects on hydraulic conductivity and compaction characteristicsSunil, B.M.; Shrihari, S.; Nayak, S.-
2007Treatment of domestic wastewater by association of up flow anaerobic and aerobic biofiltersSrinikethan, G.; Shrihari, S.; Pradeepan, V.S.-
2005Treatment of domestic wastewater in up flow anaerobic biofilters (using granite as packing material)Srinikethan, G.; Shrihari, S.; Pradeepan, V.S.-