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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2011Comprehensive physical model study on wave transmission at plate structureShirlal, K.G.; Rao, S.; Varghese, R.V.-
2011Concrete cubes as armour unit an experimental study for berm breakwaterShirlal, K.G.; Rao, S.; Madhu, M.-
2011Development of concrete armoured protected breakwater structureManu; Rao, S.; Shirlal, K.G.-
2015Effect of artificial vegetation on wave attenuation - An experimental investigationJohn, B.M.; Shirlal, K.G.; Rao, S.-
2003Energy dissipation at single row of suspended perforated pipe breakwatersRao, S.; Rao, N.B.S.; Shirlal, K.G.; Reddy, G.R.-
2003Energy dissipation in suspended porous pipe breakwaters in laboratoryRao, S.; Rao, N.B.S.; Shirlal, K.G.-
2009Hydraulic performance of tandem breakwater with concrete cubes as armour unitsManu; Shirlal, K.G.; Rao, S.; Bharadwaj, P.-
2001An interpretation of sediment trends along d. k. coastRao, S.; Shirlal, K.G.; Khan, P.H.-
2010Laboratory investigation on horizontal and vertical plate breakwatersRao, S.; Shirlal, K.G.; Prashanth, S.; Varghese, R.V.-
2019Laboratory investigations of wave attenuation by simulated vegetation of varying densitiesJohn, B.M.; Shirlal, K.G.; Rao, S.-
2003Laboratory studies on the stability of tandem breakwaterShirlal, K.G.; Rao, S.-
2007Ocean wave transmission by submerged reef-A physical model studyShirlal, K.G.; Rao, S.; Manu-
2010On numerical modelling of waves, currents and sediment movement around Gurupur-Netravathi river mouthRadheshyam, B.; Rao, S.; Shirlal, K.G.-
2011Physical model studies on stability of concrete armoured breakwatersManu; Rao, S.; Shirlal, K.G.; Prashanth, J.; Rao, K.B.-
2015Physical model studies on stability of geotextile sand containersShirlal, K.G.; Mallidi, R.R.-
2009Physical model studies on wave transmission of a submerged inclined plate breakwaterRao, S.; Shirlal, K.G.; Varghese, R.V.; Govindaraja, K.R.-
2018Reshaping berm breakwaters: A physical model studyJanardhan, P.; Rao, S.; Shirlal, K.G.-
2003Sediment trend matrix analysis along shore normal transects off Surathkal beach, KarnatakaRao, S.; Shirlal, K.G.; Rao, N.B.S.-
2007Stability equation for breakwater sheltered by a seaward submerged reefShirlal, K.G.; Rao, S.; Manu, M.-
2006Stability of breakwater defenced by a seaward submerged reefShirlal, K.G.; Rao, S.; Ganesh, V.; Manu-