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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2006Quantitative complexometric determination of mercury(II) in synthetic alloys and complexes using 2-thiazolinethiol as a masking agentParameshwara, P.; Karthikeyan, J.; Shetty, A.N.; Shetty, P.-
2004Rapid complexometric determination of mercury(II) using glutathione as a selective demasking reagentShetty, P.; Shetty, A.N.-
2002Rapid spectrophotometric determination of platinum (IV) using piperonal thiosemicarbazoneShetty, P.; Shetty, A.N.; Gadag, R.V.-
2019Real time magnetic supercapacitor with antiferromagnetic nickel hydroxide based nanocompositeViswanathan, A.; Shetty, A.N.-
2020Reduced graphene oxide/vanadium pentoxide nanocomposite as electrode material for highly rate capable and durable supercapacitorsViswanathan, A.; Shetty, A.N.-
2009Selective complexometric determination of palladium with sodium metabisulphite as releasing agentShetty, P.; Shetty, A.N.-
2006A simple and rapid complexometric determination of thallium(III) using mercaptoethane as demasking agentShetty, P.; Shetty, A.N.-
2014Simple glucose reduction route for one-step synthesis of copper nanofluidsShenoy, U.S.; Shetty, A.N.-
2018A simple single-step approach towards synthesis of nanofluids containing cuboctahedral cuprous oxide particles using glucose reductionShenoy, U.S.; Shetty, A.N.-
2018Single step synthesis of rGO, copper oxide and polyaniline nanocomposites for high energy supercapacitorsViswanathan, A.; Shetty, A.N.-
2005Sodium dithionite as a selective demasking agent for the complexometric determination of thalliumShetty, P.; Shetty, A.N.-
2019Stearate as a green corrosion inhibitor of magnesium alloy ZE41 in sulfate mediumDindodi, N.; Shetty, A.N.-
2015Structural characterization and nonlinear optical properties of 1-phenyl-3-(4-bis(2-chloroethyl)aminophenyl)-2-propen-1-oneSankaraperumal, A.; Shetty, A.N.; Karthikeyan, J.-
2015Studies on corrosion behavior of 6061 Al 15 vol. pct. SiC(p) composite in HCl medium by electrochemical techniquesShetty, K.S.; Shetty, A.N.-
2012A study on corrosion behavior of electrodeposited Zn-rutile TiO2 composite coatingsKumar, M.K.P.; Venkatesha, T.V.; Pavithra, M.K.; Shetty, A.N.-
2019Synergistic inhibition effect of trisodium phosphate and sodium benzoate with sodium dodecyl benzene sulphonate on the corrosion of Mg-Al-Zn-Mn alloy in 30% ethylene glycol containing chloride ionsMedhashree, H.; Shetty, A.N.-