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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Day lighting and thermal analysis using various double reflective window glasses for green energy buildingsGorantla, K.K.; Shaik, S.; Setty, A.B.T.P.R.-
2017Effect of Different Double Glazing Window Combinations on Heat gain in Buildings for Passive Cooling in Various Climatic Regions of IndiaGorantla, K.; Shaik, S.; Setty, A.B.T.P.-
2016Influence of ambient air relative humidity and temperature on thermal properties and unsteady thermal response characteristics of laterite wall housesShaik, S.; Talanki, Puttaranga, Setty, A.B.-
2015Investigation of unsteady thermal response characteristics of hollow bricks exposed to sinusoidal solar thermal excitationShaik, S.; Setty, A.B.T.P.-
2016Optimizing the position of insulating materials in flat roofs exposed to sunshine to gain minimum heat into buildings under periodic heat transfer conditionsShaik, S.; Talanki, A.B.P.S.-
2020Optimizing Vertical Air Gap Location Inside the Wall for Energy Efficient Building Enclosure Design Based on Unsteady Heat Transfer CharacteristicsShaik, S.; Nagaraju, S.; Rizvan, S.M.; Gorantla, K.K.-
2016Simulation of various wall and window glass material for energy efficient building designGorantla, K.K.; Shaik, S.; Puttaranga, Settee, A.B.T.-
2018Thermal and cost analysis of float and various tinted double window glass configurations on heat gain into buildings of hot & dry climatic zone in IndiaGorantla, K.; Shaik, S.; Setty, A.B.T.P.R.-
2018Thermal and energy saving analysis by using tinted double window glass combinations for heat gain in buildingsGorantla, K.; Shaik, S.; Babu, A.; Ranga, P.; Setty, T.-