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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2017Morphology controlled n-type TiO2 and stoichiometry adjusted p-type Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films for photovoltaic applicationsVaradharajaperumal, S.; Sripan, C.; Ganesan, R.; Hegde, G.; Satyanarayan, M.N.-
2018Multicoloured Thiophene Based AIEgens: Single Crystal Structure Elucidation, Spectral Behaviour and DFT StudiesMohan, M.; Pangannaya, S.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2020New cyanopyridine based conjugated polymers carrying auxiliary electron donors: From molecular design to blue emissive PLEDsPilicode, N.; Naik, P.; Nimith, K.M.; Acharya, M.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Adhikari, A.V.-
2018New fluorescent columnar mesogens derived from phenanthrene-cyanopyridone hybrids for OLED applicationsVinayakumara, D.R.; Ulla, H.; Kumar, S.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Adhikari, A.V.-
2019Optoelectronic properties of hybrid diodes based on vanadyl- phthalocyanine and zinc oxide nanorods thin filmsRaveendra, Kiran, M.; Ulla, H.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Umesh, G.-
2017Optoelectronic properties of hybrid diodes based on vanadyl-phthalocyanine and zinc oxideKiran, M.R.; Ulla, H.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Umesh, G.-
2017Optoelectronic properties of novel alkyl-substituted Triphenylamine derivativesFernandes, J.M.; Swetha, C.; Appalnaidu, E.; Navamani, K.; Rao, V.J.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Umesh, G.-
2018A Perylene-Triazine-Based Star-Shaped Green Light Emitter for Organic Light Emitting DiodesGupta, R.K.; Ulla, H.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Sudhakar, A.A.-
2018Photophysical and electrochemical properties of organic molecules: Solvatochromic effect and DFT studiesMohan, M.; Pangannaya, S.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2019Photophysics of proton transfer in hydrazides: A combined theoretical and experimental analysis towards OLED device applicationMohan, M.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2016Pyrene-Oxadiazoles for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes: Triplet to Singlet Energy Transfer and Role of Hole-Injection/Hole-Blocking MaterialsChidirala, S.; Ulla, H.; Valaboju, A.; Kiran, M.R.; Mohanty, M.E.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Umesh, G.; Bhanuprakash, K.; Rao, V.J.-
2016Resonant Terahertz InSb Waveguide Device for Sensing PolymersBhatt, S.R.J.; Bhatt, P.; Deshmukh, P.; Sangala, B.R.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Umesh, G.; Prabhu, S.S.-
2017Star-Shaped Phenanthroimidazole-Triphenylamine-Based Yellow Organic Emitter for Organic Light Emitting DiodesTagare, J.; Ulla, H.; Kajjam, A.B.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Vaidyanathan, S.-
2019Study of the effect of annealing parameters on the perovskite material (CH3NH3SnCl3) using PL spectraKodibailu, A.; Satyanarayan, M.N.-
2012Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial studies of some new quinoline incorporated benzimidazole derivativesGarudachari, B.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Thippeswamy, B.; Shivakumar, C.K.; Shivananda, K.N.; Hegde, G.; Isloor, A.M.-
2014Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial studies of some new trifluoromethyl quinoline-3-carbohydrazide and 1,3,4-oxadiazolesGarudachari, B.; Isloor, A.M.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Ananda, K.; Fun, H.-K.-
2018Synthesis, photophysical and electroluminescence studies of new triphenylamine-phenanthroimidazole based materials for organic light emitting diodesTagare, J.; Ulla, H.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Vaidyanathan, S.-
2011Third-order nonlinear optical properties and optical switching of palladium (I) complexManjunatha, K.B.; Dileep, R.; Vikas, M.S.; Umesh, G.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Bhat, B.R.-
2014Third-order nonlinear optical, optical power limiting, and all-optical switching studies on palladium complexesManjunatha, K.B.; Shelar, V.M.; Dileep, R.; Umesh, G.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Bhat, B.R.-
2017Tuning the self-assembly and photophysical properties of bi-1,3,4-thiadiazole derivatives through electron donor-acceptor interactions and their application in OLEDsYadav, A.K.; Pradhan, B.; Ulla, H.; Nath, S.; De, J.; Pal, S.K.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Achalkumar, A.S.-