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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019Boiling of saturated water on grooved surfaceSathyabhama, A.-
2019Bubble dynamics and enhanced heat transfer during high-pressure pool boiling on rough surfaceWalunj, A.; Sathyabhama, A.-
2017Bubble dynamics of water-ethanol mixture during subcooled flow boiling in a conventional channelSuhas, B.G.; Sathyabhama, A.-
2018Comparative study of pool boiling heat transfer from various microchannel geometriesWalunj, A.; Sathyabhama, A.-
2018Comparison of modeling methods for wind power prediction: a critical studyShetty, R.P.; Sathyabhama, A.; Pai, P.S.-
2017Effect of boiling surface vibration on heat transferSathyabhama, A.-
2016Effect of surface vibration on boiling heat transfer froma copper flat circular discSathyabhama, A.; Pandiyan, P.S.-
2019Efficient modelling and simulation of wind power using online sequential learning algorithm for feed forward networksShetty, R.P.; Sathyabhama, A.; Srinivasa, Pai, P.-
2011Experimental investigation in pool boiling heat transfer of ammonia/water mixture and heat transfer correlationsSathyabhama, A.; Babu, T.P.A.-
2012Experimental investigation of pool boiling heat transfer in ammonia-water-lithium nitrate solutionSathyabhama, A.; Ashok, Babu, T.P.-
2014Experimental investigation on boiling heat transfer coefficient enhancement using grooves for cooling of electronic devicesSathyabhama, A.; Prashanth, S.P.-
2019Experimental investigation on transient pool boiling heat transfer from rough surface and heat transfer correlationsWalunj, A.; Sathyabhama, A.-
2011Experimental study of nucleate pool boiling heat transfer to ammonia-water-lithium bromide solutionSathyabhama, A.; Ashok, Babu, T.P.-
2018Experimental study on forced convective and subcooled flow boiling heat transfer coefficient of water-ethanol mixtures: an application in cooling of heat dissipative devicesSuhas, B.G.; Sathyabhama, A.-
2018Heat transfer and force balance approaches in bubble dynamic study during subcooled flow boiling of water ethanol mixtureSuhas, B.G.; Sathyabhama, A.-
2018Influence of surface roughness on pool boiling heat transferWalunj, A.; Sathyabhama, A.-
2015Nucleate pool boiling heat transfer from a flat-plate grooved surfaceSathyabhama, A.-
2011Nucleate pool boiling heat transfer measurement and flow visualization for ammonia-water mixtureSathyabhama, A.; Ashok, Babu, T.P.-
2016Numerical Analyses of Single-Phase Pressure Drop and Forced Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient of Water Ethanol Mixture: An Application in Cooling of HEV Battery ModuleSuhas, B.G.; Sathyabhama, A.-
2018Numerical study on effect of boundary layer trips on aerodynamic performance of E216 airfoilSreejith, B.K.; Sathyabhama, A.-