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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2013Gallery monitoring in blasting gallery panel during depillaring - A case studyKumar, Reddy, S.; Sastry, V.R.-
2016Generation and accuracy assessment of digital elevation model using digital photogrammetry and differential global positioning system techniquesSastry, V.R.; Reddy, D.V.; Raghu, Chandra, G.; Adithya, N.; Saiprasad, S.A.-
2012Induced stresses in blasting gallery panel during depillaring based on field instrumentationKumar, Reddy, S.; Sastry, V.R.-
2015Investigation on dust generated during rock cutting by ansys softwareRaghavan, V.; Murthy, Ch.S.N.; Sastry, V.R.-
1995Minimizing power consumption in multiple fan networks by optimum fan selectionKumar, G.Vijaya; Sastry, V.R.; Krishna, Rao, G.V.-
2018A numerical modelling approach to assess the behaviour of underground cavern subjected to blast loadsKuili, S.; Sastry, V.R.-
2017Prediction of peak particle velocity using multi regression analysis: case studiesRam Chandar, K.; Sastry, V.R.; Hegde, C.; Shreedharan, S.-
2016Response of Strata and Buildings to Blast Induced Vibrations in the Presence and Absence of a TunnelRebello, N.E.; Shivashankar, R.; Sastry, V.R.-
2004Shock tube initiation for better fragmentation: A case studySastry, V.R.; Ram Chandar, K.-
2016Signal processing computation based seismic energy estimation of blast induced ground vibration wavesSastry, V.R.; Chandra, G.R.-
2016Stress Distribution on Blasting Gallery Barrier Pillar due to Goaf Formation During ExtractionKumar, Reddy, S.; Sastry, V.R.-
2009Stress distribution on longwall barrier pillar due to goaf formation during extractionSastry, V.R.; Nair, R.-
2009Study of behaviour of workings in longwall panel based on field instrumentationSastry, V.R.; Nair, R.-
2018Surface displacements due to tunneling in granular soils in presence and absence of geosynthetic layer under footingsRebello, N.E.; Shivashankar, R.; Sastry, V.R.-
2003Under Water Blasting for Rock Dredging in Ports: Case Study of A Major PortSastry, V.R.-