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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019Evaluation of hydrodynamic performance of quarter circular breakwater using soft computing techniquesRamesh N.; Hegde A.V.; Rao S.-
2019Flood estimation at ungauged catchments of western catchments of Karnataka, West coast of IndiaReddy N.A.; Seelam J.K.; Rao S.; Nagaraj M.K.-
2019Laboratory investigations on the effect of fragmentation and heterogeneity of coastal vegetation in wave height attenuationShirlal K.G.; John B.M.; Rao S.-
2020Long-term analysis of waves off Mangaluru coastUpadhyaya S.K.; Rao S.; Manu-
2020Multiple Nonlinear Regression Analysis for the Stability of Non-overtopping Perforated Quarter Circle BreakwaterBinumol S.; Rao S.; Hegde A.V.-
2019Nondimensional methods to classify the tidal inlets along the Karnataka coastline, west coast of IndiaAmaranatha Reddy N.; Mendi V.; Seelam J.K.; Rao S.-
2019Prediction of damage level of inner conventional rubble mound breakwater of tandem breakwater using swarm intelligence-based neural network (PSO-ANN) approachKuntoji G.; Rao S.; Manu; Reddy E.N.B.-
2019Prediction of wave transmission over an outer submerged reef of tandem breakwater using RBF-based support vector regression techniqueKuntoji G.; Rao S.; Manu-
2008Reef-an ecofriendly and cost effective hard option for coastal conservationShirlal K.G.; Rao S.; Radheshyam B.; Ganesh V.-
2021Relative wave run-up parameter prediction of emerged semicircular breakwaterKundapura S.; Rao S.; Arkal V.H.-
2020Study on Mechanical and microstructural characteristics of Friction Stir Welded Aluminium Matrix compositePrabhu S.R.B.; Shettigar A.; Herbert M.; Rao S.-
2019Tidal energy estimation of potential tidal inlets along the east coast of IndiaMendi V.; Amaranatha Reddy N.; Seelam J.K.; Rao S.-
2020Wave attenuation characteristics of simulated heterogeneous vegetationJohn B.M.; Shirlal K.G.; Rao S.-