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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2014Analysis of extreme rainfall events over Nethravathi basinBabar, S.; Ramesh, H.-
2018An ANN supported mathematical morphology based algorithm for lakes extraction from satellite imagesRishikeshan, C.A.; Ramesh, H.-
2015Assessment of hydropower potential in Nethravathi river basin using SWAT modelBabar, S.; Shobhita, M.P.; Ramesh, H.-
2016Assessment of soil erosion by RUSLE model using remote sensing and GIS - A case study of Nethravathi BasinGanasri, B.P.; Ramesh, H.-
2018An automated mathematical morphology driven algorithm for water body extraction from remotely sensed imagesRishikeshan, C.A.; Ramesh, H.-
2009Conjunctive use in India's Varada River BasinRamesh, H.; Mahesha, A.-
2017Effectiveness of contrast limited adaptive histogram equalization technique on multispectral satellite imageryGanesh, V.R.; Ramesh, H.-
2020Evaluating the effects of forest fire on water balance using fire susceptibility mapsVenkatesh, K.; Preethi, K.; Ramesh, H.-
2017EXhype: A tool for mineral classification using hyperspectral dataAdep, R.N.; shetty, A.; Ramesh, H.-
2011Groundwater modeling to simulate groundwater levels due to interlinking of rivers in Varada river basin, IndiaRamesh, H.; Mahesha, A.-
2018Impact of land use land cover change on run off generation in tungabhadra river basinVenkatesh, K.; Ramesh, H.-
2019The impact of spatiotemporal patterns of land use land cover and land surface temperature on an urban cool island: a case study of BengaluruGovind, N.R.; Ramesh, H.-
2018Modeling of the transport of leachate contaminant in a landfill site: A case study in mangaluruDivya, A.; Shrihari, S.; Ramesh, H.-
2018Modelling of groundwater quality using bicarbonate chemical parameter in Netravathi and Gurpur river confluence, IndiaSylus, K.J.; Ramesh, H.-
2017A novel mathematical morphology based algorithm for shoreline extraction from satellite imagesRishikeshan, C.A.; Ramesh, H.-
2015A numerical modeling approach for study of mudbank impact on coastlineParvathy, K.G.; Ramesh, H.; Noujas, V.; Thomas, K.V.-
2006An overview on planning and management of rural water supply a case studyRamesh, H.; Mahesha, A.-
2012Parameter estimation and vulnerability assessment of coastal unconfined aquifer to saltwater intrusionMahesha, A.; Vyshali; Lathashri, U.A.; Ramesh, H.-
2008Simulation of varada aquifer system for sustainable groundwater developmentRamesh, H.; Mahesha, A.-
2015Streamflow response to land use-land cover change over the Nethravathi River Basin, IndiaBabar, S.; Ramesh, H.-