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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2014A new non-local maximum likelihood estimation method for Rician noise reduction in magnetic resonance images using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov testRajan, J.; Den, Dekker, A.J.; Sijbers, J.-
2013A new nonlocal maximum likelihood estimation method for denoising magnetic resonance imagesRajan, J.; Den, Dekker, A.J.; Juntu, J.; Sijbers, J.-
2018Non-local means image denoising using shapiro-wilk similarity measureYamanappa, W.; Sudeep, P.V.; Sabu, M.K.; Rajan, J.-
2015Nonlocal linear minimum mean square error methods for denoising MRISudeep, P.V.; Palanisamy, P.; Kesavadas, C.; Rajan, J.-
2017A nonlocal maximum likelihood estimation method for enhancing magnetic resonance phase mapsSudeep, P.V.; Palanisamy, P.; Kesavadas, C.; Sijbers, J.; den, Dekker, A.J.; Rajan, J.-
2020A Novel Deep Learning Approach for the Removal of Speckle Noise from Optical Coherence Tomography Images Using Gated Convolution�Deconvolution StructureMenon, S.N.; Vineeth, Reddy, V.B.; Yeshwanth, A.; Anoop, B.N.; Rajan, J.-
2017Recent Advancements in Retinal Vessel SegmentationL, Srinidhi, C.; Aparna, P.; Rajan, J.-
2019Reconstruction of Edges from Fan-Beam ProjectionsNarasimhadhan, A.V.; Sharma, A.; Koolagudi, S.G.; Naganjaneyulu, G.V.S.S.K.R.; Avinash, S.; Peddireddy, V.; Kishan, N.B.; Rajan, J.-
2018Segmentation of intima media complex from carotid ultrasound images using wind driven optimization techniqueNagaraj, Y.; Madipalli, P.; Rajan, J.; Kumar, P.K.; Narasimhadhan, A.V.-
2019Segmentation of intra-retinal cysts from optical coherence tomography images using a fully convolutional neural network modelGirish, G.N.; Thakur, B.; Chowdhury, S.R.; Kothari, A.R.; Rajan, J.-
2017A semi-automatic method for carotid artery wall segmentation in MR imagesKumar, P.K.; Kesavadas, C.; Rajan, J.-
2015Single image super resolution from compressive samples using two level sparsity based reconstructionNath, A.G.; Nair, M.S.; Rajan, J.-
2016Speckle reduction in medical ultrasound images using an unbiased non-local means methodSudeep, P.V.; Palanisamy, P.; Rajan, J.; Baradaran, H.; Saba, L.; Gupta, A.; Suri, J.S.-
2017Study of malignancy associated changes in sputum images as an indicator of lung cancerSudheesh, R.K.; Rajan, J.; Veena, V.S.; Sujathan, K.-
2016Two Automated Techniques for Carotid Lumen Diameter Measurement: Regional versus Boundary ApproachesAraki, T.; Kumar, P.K.; Suri, H.S.; Ikeda, N.; Gupta, A.; Saba, L.; Rajan, J.; Lavra, F.; Sharma, A.M.; Shafique, S.; Nicolaides, A.; Laird, J.R.; Suri, J.S.-
2016Ultrasound-based automated carotid lumen diameter/stenosis measurement and its validation systemAraki, T.; Kumar, A.M.; Kumar, P.K.; Gupta, A.; Saba, L.; Rajan, J.; Lavra, F.; Sharma, A.M.; Shafique, S.; Nicolaides, A.; Laird, J.R.; Suri, J.S.-
2018A visual attention guided unsupervised feature learning for robust vessel delineation in retinal imagesSrinidhi, C.L.; Aparna, P.; Rajan, J.-