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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2017Accurate lumen diameter measurement in curved vessels in carotid ultrasound: an iterative scale-space and spatial transformation approachKrishna, Kumar, P.; Araki, T.; Rajan, J.; Saba, L.; Lavra, F.; Ikeda, N.; Sharma, A.M.; Shafique, S.; Nicolaides, A.; Laird, J.R.; Gupta, A.; Suri, J.S.-
2019Automated Method for Retinal Artery/Vein Separation via Graph Search Metaheuristic ApproachSrinidhi, C.L.; Aparna, P.; Rajan, J.-
2016Automated segmentation of intra-retinal cysts from optical coherence tomography scans using marker controlled watershed transformGirish, G.N.; Kothari, A.R.; Rajan, J.-
2019Automatic detection and localization of Focal Cortical Dysplasia lesions in MRI using fully convolutional neural networkBijay, Dev, K.M.; Jogi, P.S.; Niyas, S.; Vinayagamani, S.; Kesavadas, C.; Rajan, J.-
2018Automatic detection of tuberculosis bacilli from microscopic sputum smear images using deep learning methodsPanicker, R.O.; Kalmady, K.S.; Rajan, J.; Sabu, M.K.-
2018A benchmark study of automated intra-retinal cyst segmentation algorithms using optical coherence tomography B-scansGirish, G.N.; Anima, V.A.; Kothari, A.R.; Sudeep, P.V.; Roychowdhury, S.; Rajan, J.-
2016Carotid inter-adventitial diameter is more strongly related to plaque score than lumen diameter: An automated tool for stroke analysisSaba, L.; Araki, T.; Krishna, Kumar, P.; Rajan, J.; Lavra, F.; Ikeda, N.; Sharma, A.M.; Shafique, S.; Nicolaides, A.; Laird, J.R.; Gupta, A.; Suri, J.S.-
2016A comparative study of different auto-focus methods for mycobacterium tuberculosis detection from brightfield microscopic imagesSaini, G.; Panicker, R.O.; Soman, B.; Rajan, J.-
2016Coupled PDE for Ultrasound Despeckling Using ENI ClassificationSoorajkumar, R.; Krishnakumar, P.; Girish, D.; Rajan, J.-
2019Deep Learning Based Sub-Retinal Fluid Segmentation in Central Serous Chorioretinopathy Optical Coherence Tomography ScansNarendra, Rao, T.J.; Girish, G.N.; Kothari, A.R.; Rajan, J.-
2019Depthwise Separable Convolutional Neural Network Model for Intra-Retinal Cyst SegmentationGirish, G.N.; Saikumar, B.; Roychowdhury, S.; Kothari, A.R.; Rajan, J.-
2016Enhancement and bias removal of optical coherence tomography images: An iterative approach with adaptive bilateral filteringSudeep, P.V.; Issac, Niwas, S.; Palanisamy, P.; Rajan, J.; Xiaojun, Y.; Wang, X.; Luo, Y.; Liu, L.-
2016Fourth order PDE based ultrasound despeckling using ENI classificationSoorajkumar, R.; Krishna, Kumar, P.; Girish, D.; Rajan, J.-
2017GPU implementation of non-local maximum likelihood estimation method for denoising magnetic resonance imagesUpadhya, A.H.K.; Talawar, B.; Rajan, J.-
2017Guided SAR image despeckling with probabilistic non local weightsGokul, J.; Nair, M.S.; Rajan, J.-
2013A hybrid model for rician noise reduction in MRISudeep, P.V.; Palanisamy, P.; Rajan, J.-
2017An improved contextual information based approach for anomaly detection via adaptive inference for surveillance applicationRao, T.J.N.; Girish, G.N.; Rajan, J.-
2018An improved nonlocal maximum likelihood estimation method for denoising magnetic resonance images with spatially varying noise levelsSudeep, P.V.; Palanisamy, P.; Kesavadas, C.; Rajan, J.-
2015Iterative bilateral filter for Rician noise reduction in MR imagesRiji, R.; Rajan, J.; Sijbers, J.; Nair, M.S.-
2015Magnetic resonance image denoising using nonlocal maximum likelihood paradigm in DCT-frameworkKumar, P.K.; Darshan, P.; Kumar, S.; Ravindra, R.; Rajan, J.; Saba, L.; Suri, J.S.-