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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2012LEDs: A study from illuminance perspectivePunekar, G.S.; Suhas, K.; Yadav, P.S.; Kishore, N.K.-
2018Motor contribution to three phase fault currents in a power intensive industry with CPP: A case studyKotharkar, A.A.; Punekar, G.S.-
2018Noniterative Method for Combined Acoustic-Electrical Partial Discharge Source LocalizationAntony, D.; Punekar, G.S.-
2011On electric fields in belted cables and 3-phase gas insulated cablesPunekar, G.S.; Nafo, T.; Kishore, N.K.-
2006Optimized charge simulation models of horizontal sphere gapsKishore, N.K.; Punekar, G.S.; Shastry, H.S.Y.-
2018Short circuit force in an AIS with special reference to L-L and L-L-L faultsSudarshan, V.J.; Punekar, G.S.-
2006Simulation of electric fields using symmetrically placed chargesPunekar, G.S.; Kishore, N.K.; Shastry, H.S.Y.-
2003Simulation study of Borda's profile & parallel plane electrode to assess electric field uniformityPunekar, G.S.; Thejovathi, G.; Kishor, N.K.-
2012Some aspects of location identification of PD source using AE signals by an iterative methodPunekar, G.S.; Jadhav, P.; Bhavani, S.T.; Nagamani, H.N.-
2009Sparkover in sphere gaps with alternating voltages and perturbed electric fieldsKishore, N.K.; Punekar, G.S.; Shastry, H.S.Y.-
2006Study of GA assisted CSM models using optimally located point chargesPunekar, G.S.; Kishore, N.K.; Shastry, H.S.Y.-
2012Thermal effects on acoustic emission based PD in transformer oil: A studyBhavani, Shanker, T.; Nagamani, H.N.; Punekar, G.S.-
2012Uniform illumination over a square target-surface using LED arrangementsPunekar, G.S.; Suhas, K.; Yadav, P.S.; Bhattacharya, R.; Shekar, M.-
2014Use of genetic algorithm to determine lightning channel-base current-function parametersChandrasekaran, K.; Punekar, G.S.-