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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2000Metal-mould interfacial heat transfer during solidification of cast iron against cast iron chillsPrabhu, K.N.; Griffiths, W.D.-
2003Metal/quenchant interfacial heat flux transients during quenching in conventional quench media and vegetable oilsPrabhu, K.N.; Prasad, A.-
2008Microhardness of laser ablated alumina coating on Ti-6A1-4VSujaya, C.; Shashikala, H.D.; Umesh, G.; Prabhu, K.N.; Hegde, S.-
2008Modification of eutectic silicon in Al-Si alloysHegde, S.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2008Nanoquenchants for industrial heat treatmentPrabhu, K.N.; Fernades, P.-
2011New polypropylene supported chitosan NF-membrane for desalination applicationPadaki, M.; Isloor, A.M.; Fernandes, J.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2018Performance of MWCNT-Reinforced SAC0307/Cu Solder Joint Under Multiple Reflow CyclesTikale, S.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2019Quench cooling performance-hardness correlation for AISI 1045 and 1090 steelsNayak, U.V.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2011Quench severity and kinetics of wetting of vegetable oil blends and nanofiuid for heat treatmentJagannath, V.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2013Replacement of heat sink fan by nanocoolants for enhancement of CPU efficiencySiddique, A.B.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2010Severity of quenching and kinetics of wetting of nanofluids and vegetable oilsJagannath, V.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2013Solder joint reliability of Sn-0 7Cu and Sn-0 3Ag- 0 7Cu lead-free solder alloys solidified on copper substrates with different surface roughnessesSatyanarayan, S.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2015Solder joint reliability of Sn-Cu and Sn-Ag-Cu lead-free solder alloys solidified on copper substrates with different surface roughnessesSatyanarayan; Prabhu, K.N.-
2013Spreading behavior and evolution of IMCs during reactive wetting of SAC solders on smooth and rough copper substratesSatyanarayan; Prabhu, K.N.-
2012Thermal analysis and microstructure of ZA8 alloy solidifying against chillsRamesh, G.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2018Thermal Analysis of Cerium-Treated Chill-Cast Al-23 Si AlloyVijeesh, V.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2009Thermal contact at solder/substrate interfaces during solidificationNyamannavar, S.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2014Two Parameter Weibull Analysis of the Effect of Chemical Modification of Al�7si�0.3�Mg Alloy on Ultimate Tensile StrengthRaghunathan, R.; Prabhu, K.N.; Hegde, T.G.-
2015Wettability and bond shear strength of Sn-9Zn lead-free solder alloy reflowed on copper substrateTikale, S.; Sona, M.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2013Wettability of root canal sealers on intraradicular dentine treated with different irrigating solutionsBallal, N.V.; Tweeny, A.; Khechen, K.; Prabhu, K.N.; Satyanarayan; Tay, F.R.-