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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2012Assessment of heat transfer during solidification of Al-22% Si alloy by inverse analysis and surface roughness based predictive modelJayananda; Prabhu, K.N.-
2016Assessment of Joint Reliability of Sn 2.5Ag 0.5Cu Solder/Cu as a Function of Reflow TimeSona, M.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2015Assessment of latent heat and solid fraction of Al-22Si alloy using Newtonian and Fourier analysis techniquesVijayan, V.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2019Assessment of PCM-container interfacial heat transfer using a hot/cold probe techniqueSudheer, R.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2018Assessment of Solidification Parameters of Salts and Metals for Thermal Energy Storage Applications Using IHCP-Energy Balance Combined TechniqueAgarwala, S.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2017Assessment of spatiotemporal heat flux during quenching in TiO2 and AlN nanofluidsNayak, U.V.; Ramesh, G.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2018Assessment of the Performance of Sn 3.5Ag/Cu Solder Joint Under Multiple Reflows, Thermal Cycling and Corrosive EnvironmentSamuel, A.; Tikale, S.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2016Carbonated aqueous media for quench heat treatment of steelsNayak, U.V.; Rao, K.M.P.; Pai, M.A.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2005Casting/mold thermal contact heat transfer during solidification of Al-Cu-Si alloy (LM 21) plates in thick and thin moldsPrabhu, K.N.; Chowdary, B.; Venkataraman, N.-
2011Characterisation of water base copper nanoquenchants by standard cooling curve analysisRamesh, G.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2015Characterization of metal-PCMs for thermal energy storage applicationsSudheer, R.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2008Comparative study of heat transfer and wetting behaviour of conventional and bioquenchants for industrial heat treatmentFernandes, P.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2015Comparative study of wetting and cooling performance of polymer-salt hybrid quench medium with conventional quench mediaRamesh, G.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2020A Comparative Study on Cooling Performance of Hot Oil and Molten Salt Quench Media for Industrial Heat TreatmentRao, K.M.P.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2019Comparison of Cooling Behaviour of Carbon Steels in Polymer, Oil and Carbonated Quench MediaMathews, N.G.; Rao, K.M.P.; Nayak, U.V.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2011Comparison of Grossmann and lumped heat capacitance methods for assessment of heat transfer characteristics of quench mediaPrabhu, K.N.; Ali, I.-
2013Comparison of spreading behaviour and interfacial microstructure in Sn-0 7Cu, Sn-0 3Ag-0 7Cu and Sn-2 5Ag-0 5Cu lead free solder alloys on Fe-42Ni substrateNarayan, S.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2014Computer aided cooling curve analysis and microstructure of cerium added hypereutectic Al-Si (LM29) alloyVijeesh, V.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2016A Computer Aided Cooling Curve Analysis method to study phase change materials for thermal energy storage applicationsSudheer, R.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2008Constitutional undercooling and growth of globuletic particleNyamannavar, S.; Ravi, M.; Prabhu, K.N.-