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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2021Acoustic behaviour of 3D printed bio-degradable micro-perforated panels with varying perforation cross-sectionsSailesh R.; Yuvaraj L.; Pitchaimani J.; Doddamani M.; Mailan Chinnapandi L.B.-
2021Acoustic radiation and transmission loss of FG-Graphene composite plate under nonuniform edge loadingGunasekaran V.; Pitchaimani J.; Mailan Chinnapandi L.B.-
2020Acoustic response behavior of porous 3D graphene foam plateKumar A.; Gunasekaran V.; Chinnapandi L.B.M.; Pitchaimani J.-
2020Analytical solution for sound radiation characteristics of graphene nanocomposites plate: Effect of porosity and variable edge loadGunasekaran V.; Pitchaimani J.; Chinnapandi L.B.M.; Kumar A.-
2020Comparative study of natural fibre 3D braided yarn woven fabric and simply twisted yarn woven fabric reinforced epoxy compositesKanakannavar S.; Pitchaimani J.-
2020Comparative study on sound absorption coefficient of various jute composite materialsSomi Naidu B.; Pitchaimani J.; Reddi Chintapalli V.S.N.; Somi Naidu B.-
2021Compressive properties of 3D braided flax fiber textile fabric reinforced PLA compositesKanakannavar S.; Pitchaimani J.-
2021Fabrication and mechanical properties of braided flax fabric polylactic acid bio-compositesKanakannavar S.; Pitchaimani J.-
2021Fracture toughness of flax braided yarn woven PLA compositesKanakannavar S.; Pitchaimani J.-
2021Free vibration and stability of graphene platelet reinforced porous nano-composite cylindrical panel: Influence of grading, porosity and non-uniform edge loadsC.M. T.; Pitchaimani J.-
2020Free vibration modes of rectangular plate under non-uniform heating: An experimental investigationTwinkle C.M.; Pitchaimani J.; Rajamohan V.-
2020Meta-heuristic optimization of buckling and fundamental frequency of laminated cylindrical panel under graded temperature fieldsBhagat V.; Pitchaimani J.-
2020Modal analysis of cylindrical panels at elevated temperatures under nonuniform heating conditions: Experimental investigationTwinkle C.M.; Nithun C.; Pitchaimani J.; Rajamohan V.-
2020Numerical and experimental study on dynamic characteristics of honeycomb core sandwich panel from equivalent 2D modelArunkumar M.P.; Pitchaimani J.; Gangadharan, K.V.; Reddy C.V.S.N.-
2021Thermal buckling of braided flax woven polylactic acid compositesKanakannavar S.; Pitchaimani J.-
2020Tribological behaviour of natural fibre 3D braided woven fabric reinforced PLA compositesKanakannavar S.; Pitchaimani J.; Ramesh M.R.-
2020Vibro-acoustics response of an isotropic plate under non-uniform edge loading: An analytical investigationGunasekaran V.; Pitchaimani J.; Mailan Chinnapandi L.B.-