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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Buck-Boost Inverter Functionality of Two-Phase Semi-Z-Source ConverterRemya, V.K.; Parthiban, P.; Ansal, V.; Nandakumar, A.-
2018A comparative study of full-bridge inverter based DVR and SEMI-Z-source inverter based DVRRemya, V.K.; Parthiban, P.; Nandakumar, A.-
2016Design and implementation of sliding mode voltage controller for DC to DC buck converter by using hysteresis modulation and pulse width modulationKiran, B.; Parthiban, P.; Jena, D.; Prakash, P.S.-
2019Direct torque and flux control of switched reluctance motor with enhanced torque per ampere ratio and torque ripple reductionKrishna, Reddy, P.; Ronanki, D.; Parthiban, P.-
2018High gain bidirectional DC-DC converter with reduced component countDarbha, L.; Parthiban, P.-
2019High Gain Modified Boost Converter for Electric Vehicle Battery ChargingDarbha, L.T.S.; Parthiban, P.-
2018Implementation of Single-Phase Two-Switch Midpoint Unidirectional Multilevel Converter SystemRoy, P.R.; Parthiban, P.; Chitti, Babu, B.-
2018A Novel Three-Phase Low Voltage (LV) Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) Employing Semi-Z-Source InverterRemya, V.K.; Parthiban, P.; Nandakumar, A.; Ansal, V.-
2017Performance analysis of micro wind turbine based energy systems with series connected inverters and a novel switching networkKumaran, G.K.; Parthiban, P.-
2019Performance Investigation of Transformerless DVR Based on T-type Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Switch CountRajkumar, K.; Parthiban, P.-
2014Performance study of high frequency link AC-AC converterAnsal, V.; Parthiban, P.; Ravikumar, K.-
2018Phase advance compensation of voltage sags using full bridge inverter based DVRRemya, V.K.; Parthiban, P.; Nandakumar, A.-
2012PV-battery powered direct torque controlled switched reluctance motor driveRonanki, D.; Parthiban, P.-
2019Real-time implementation of transformerless dynamic voltage restorer based on T-type multilevel inverter with reduced switch countRajkumar, K.; Parthiban, P.; Lokesh, N.-
2012Simulation of SVPWM based FOC of CSI fed induction motor driveRonanki, D.; Rajesh, K.; Parthiban, P.-
2018Single-Phase DVR with Semi-Z-Source Inverter for Power Distribution NetworkRemya, V.K.; Parthiban, P.; Ansal, V.; Nandakumar, A.-
2013A small 4-wheeler EV propulsion system using DTC controlled induction motorRonanki, D.; Hemasundar, A.; Parthiban, P.-
2016Transformerless Dynamic Voltage Restorer for voltage sag mitigationAnsal, V.; Ravikumar, K.; Parthiban, P.-