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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2014Effect of oxygen enrichment on the performance, combustion, and emission of single cylinder stationary CI engine fueled with cardanol diesel blendsDinesha, P.; Nayak, V.; Mohanan, P.-
2014Emission and Performance Enhancement of Multi-Cylinder SI Engine Fuelled with LPG and Vaporized Water Methanol InductionPatil, B.; Nayak, V.; Padmanabha, M.-
2014Experimental analysis of cardanol biofuel as an alternative fuel for diesel engines with air-side oxygen enrichmentDinesha, P.; Nayak, V.; Kumar, D.; Mohanan, P.-
2017An experimental investigation on performance and emission parameters of a multi-cylinder SI engine with gasoline LPG dual fuel mode of operationNayak, V.; Shankar, K.S.; Dinesha, P.; Mohanan, P.-
2016An Experimental Study on Combustion and Emission Analysis of Four Cylinder 4-Stroke Gasoline Engine Using Pure Hydrogen and LPG at Idle ConditionChitragar, P.R.; Shivaprasad, K.V.; Nayak, V.; Bedar, P.; Kumar, G.N.-
2015Impact of injection timing on the performance and emission characteristics of a diesel engine fueled with cardanol blendsDinesha, P.; Nayak, V.; Mohanan, P.-
2017Influence of spark timing on the performance and emission characteristics of gasoline hydrogen-blended high-speed spark-ignition engineShivaprasad, K.V.; Chitragar, P.R.; Nayak, V.; Kumar, G.N.-
2014Performance and emission characteristics of a mpi engine fueled with Iso-Butanol/Gasoline blendsSakleshpur, Nagaraja, S.; Ravi, V.; Teja, R.; Nayak, V.-
2015Performance and emission characteristics of LPG-Gasoline dual fuel on a multi-cylinder MPFI gasoline engineNayak, V.; Shankar, K.S.; Dinesha, P.; Mohanan, P.-
2014Studies on the environmental emission and performance of a single cylinder CI engine with enhanced intake air oxygen combustionDinesha, P.; Nayak, V.; Shankar, K.S.; Mohanan, P.-
2016Synthesis and characterization of novel sulfanilic acid-polyvinyl chloride-polysulfone blend membranes for metal ion rejectionNayak, V.; Jyothi, M.S.; Balakrishna, R.G.; Padaki, M.; Isloor, A.M.-