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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020Cell Segmentation by Modified U-Net Architecture for Biomedical ImagesKumar C.A.; Kumar M.T.N.; Narasimhadhan A.V.-
2019A Comparative Study of Illumination Invariant Techniques in Video Tracking PerspectiveAsha C.S.; Narasimhadhan A.V.-
2020Dual-Band Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna for Wireless Neural Monitoring ApplicationsGopavajhula S.; Kumar S.; Narasimhadhan A.V.-
2020Effectiveness of Phase Correlation Spectral Similarity Measure in Distinguishing Target Signatures for Hyperspectral Data AnalysisYadav P.P.; Shetty A.; Raghavendra B.S.; Narasimhadhan A.V.-
2020Finite rate of innovation signal reconstruction using residual neural networksReddy P.S.; Premkumar A.; Saikiran B.; Raghavendra B.S.; Narasimhadhan A.V.-
2020A High Gain Zero Index Metamaterial for Radome ApplicationsBabu M.A.; krishnak K.; Narasimhadhan A.V.-
2021O-SegNet: Robust Encoder and Decoder Architecture for Objects Segmentation From Aerial Imagery DataEerapu K.K.; Lal S.; Narasimhadhan A.V.-
2020Quality assessment of dimensionality reduction techniques on hyperspectral data: A neural network based approachDeepa C.; Shetty A.; Narasimhadhan A.V.-
2020Similarity measures in generating spectrally distinct targetsYadav P.P.; Shetty A.; Raghavendra B.S.; Narasimhadhan A.V.-
2020Subtractive clustering and phase correlation similarity measure for endmember extractionPalla P.Y.; Shetty A.; Raghavendra B.S.; Narasimhadhan A.V.-