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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2017Analysis of historical trends in hydrometeorological variables in the upper Cauvery Basin, Karnataka, IndiaKumar, Raju, B.C.; Nandagiri, Lakshman-
2011Analysis of observed soil moisture patterns under different land covers in Western Ghats, IndiaVenkatesh, B.; Nandagiri, Lakshman; Purandara, B.K.; Reddy, V.B.-
2016Analysis of variability and trends in rainfall over northern EthiopiaKiros, G.; Shetty, A.; Nandagiri, Lakshman-
1997Areal evapotranspiration estimation using several alternative formulations of the CRAE hypothesisNandagiri, Lakshman-
2018Assessment of variable source area hydrological models in humid tropical watershedsRaju, B.C.K.; Nandagiri, Lakshman-
2009Characterization of small-scale groundwater irrigation schemes in a humid coastal region of southern IndiaNayak, S.; Nandagiri, Lakshman-
2011Characterizing aquifers when using magnetic resonance sounding in a heterogeneous geomagnetic fieldVouillamoz, J.M.; Legchenko, A.; Nandagiri, Lakshman-
2010Climate analysis for regional irrigation planningNandagiri, Lakshman; Nayali, S.-
2007Developing regression models for predicting pan evaporation from climatic data - A comparison of multiple least-squares, principal components, and partial least-squares approachesKovoor, G.M.; Nandagiri, Lakshman-
2015Evaluating uncertainty of the soil and water assessment tool (SWAT) model in the upper cauvery basin, Karnataka, IndiaKumar, Raju, B.C.; Nandagiri, Lakshman-
1996Field evaluation of unsaturated hydraulic conductivity models and parameter estimation from retention dataNandagiri, Lakshman; Prasad, R.-
2008Groundwater prospective mapping: Remote sensing and a GIS based index model approachShetty, A.; Nandagiri, Lakshman; Padmini, R.-
2014Hydrological impacts of afforestation - A review of research in IndiaVenkatesh B.; Nandagiri, Lakshman; Purandara B.K.-
2006In-situ characterization of unsaturated soil hydraulic properties of a laterite soil profile in coastal karnatakaNandagiri, Lakshman; Bore, Gowda, S.B.; Shetty, A.-
2005Land use - land cover mapping using satellite data for a forested watershed, Udupi district, Karnataka State, IndiaShetty, A.; Nandagiri, Lakshman; Thokchom, S.; Rajesh, M.V.S.-
2014Latent heat flux estimation using trapezoidal relationship between MODIS land surface temperature and fraction of vegetation-application and validation in a humid tropical regionLaxmi, K.; Nandagiri, Lakshman-
1997Location dependent variability of monsoon rainfall in a tropical regionNandagiri, Lakshman; Thippeswamy, M.; Somanatha, G.S.-
2019Modeling actual evapotranspiration using the advection aridity modelAnanya, S.G.; Nandagiri, Lakshman-
2011Modelling soil moisture under different land covers in a sub-humid environment of Western Ghats, IndiaVenkatesh, B.; Nandagiri, Lakshman; Purandara, B.K.; Reddy, V.B.-
2020A Penman-Monteith evapotranspiration model with bulk surface conductance derived from remotely sensed spatial contextual informationShekar, N, C, S.; Nandagiri, Lakshman-