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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Agent-based approach for the management of dynamic QoS violations in the inter-cloud environmentsThomas, M.V.; Chandrasekaran, K.; Mugeraya, G.-
2008Biological treatment of toxic petroleum spent caustic in fluidized bed bioreactor using immobilized cells of thiobacillus RAI01Potumarthi, R.; Mugeraya, G.; Jetty, A.-
2011Bioreduction of a drug intermediate in presence of hexane and surfactantsPriyadarshini, S.R.B.; Mugeraya, G.; Sandhyavali, M.S.-
2006Characterization of the MSW leachate at Mangalore dump yard, IndiaRavishankar, R.; Madhuri, B.; Mugeraya, G.-
2007Continuous operation of fluidized bed bioreactor for biogenic sulfide oxidation using immobilized cells of Thiobacillus spRavichandra, P.; Mugeraya, G.; Gangagni, Rao, A.; Ramakrishna, M.; Jetty, A.-
2009Hydrogen Sulfide Removal in Biofilter: Evaluation of a new filter material by immobilization of thiobacillus spPotumarthi, R.; Anupoju, G.R.; Mugeraya, G.; Jetty, A.-
2007Isolation of Thiobacillus sp from aerobic sludge of distillery and dairy effluent treatment plants and its sulfide oxidation activity at different concentrationsRavichandra, P.; Mugeraya, G.; Rao, A.G.; Ramakrishna, M.; Jetty, A.-
2011Microbial production of tannase: State of the artBelur, P.D.; Mugeraya, G.-
2010Microbial transformation of bioactive natural productsGopkumar, P.; Mugeraya, G.-
2006Natural and anthropogenic factors controlling the dissolved organic carbon concentrations and fluxes in a large tropical river, IndiaBalakrishna, K.; Kumar, I.A.; Srinikethan, G.; Mugeraya, G.-
2009Screening and optimisation of bioconversion parameters for the reduction of 3-[5-[(4-flurophenyl)-1,5, di-oxopentol]-yl] -4-(S) phenyl oxazolidin-2-oneBrahmani, Priyadarshini, S.R.; Mugeraya, G.; Sandhyavali, M.S.-
2007Spatial and temporal variations in water quality, major ions and trace metalsDeepa, V.J.; Balakrishna, K.; Mugeraya, G.; Srinkethan, G.; Krishnakumar, P.K.-
2013Utilization of renewable agricultural residues for the production of extracellular halostable cellulase from newly isolated halomonas sp. strain PS47Shivanand, P.; Mugeraya, G.; Kumar, A.-