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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Effect of annealing-temperature-assisted phase evolution on conductivity of solution combustion processed calcium vanadium oxide filmsManjunath, G.; Vardhan, R.V.; Salian, A.; Jagannatha, R.; Kedia, M.; Mandal, S.-
2019Effect of lanthanum on the phase evolution of perovskite barium stannate synthesized through polymerized complex methodPrajapati, M.J.; Vardhan, R.V.; Mandal, S.-
2018Effect of O2, N2 and H2 on annealing of pad printed high conductive Ag-Cu nano-alloy electrodesManjunath, G.; Anusha, P.; Salian, A.; Gupta, B.; Mandal, S.-
2019Fabrication of solution combustion based transparent semiconducting titanium and zinc co-doped indium oxide (Itizo) filmsVardhan, R.V.; Manjunath, G.; Mandal, S.-
2019Facile in situ formation of high conductive Ag and Cu x O y composite films: a role of aqueous spray combustionSalian, A.; Pujar, P.; Mandal, S.-
2019Faster Biomineralization and Tailored Mechanical Properties of Marine-Resource-Derived Hydroxyapatite Scaffolds with Tunable Interconnected Porous ArchitectureHadagalli, K.; Panda, A.K.; Mandal, S.; Basu, B.-
2012Genetic algorithm based support vector machine regression in predicting wave transmission of horizontally interlaced multi-layer moored floating pipe breakwaterPatil, S.G.; Mandal, S.; Hegde, A.V.-
2019High-performance low voltage operation of indium zinc tin oxide thin film transistors using chemically derived sodium ?-alumina dielectricPujar, P.; Gupta, D.; Mandal, S.-
2005Hindcasting of storm waves using neural networksRao, S.; Mandal, S.-
2011Hybrid genetic algorithm tuned support vector machine regression for wave transmission prediction of horizontally interlaced multilayer moored fl oating pipe breakwaterPatil, S.G.; Mandal, S.; Hegde, A.V.; Muruganandam, A.-
2020Hydroxyapatite a promising sunscreen filterPal, A.; Hadagalli, K.; Bhat, P.; Goel, V.; Mandal, S.-
2018Investigation of sintering kinetics and morphological evolution of silver films from nano-dispersionPujar, P.; Anusha, P.; Gupta, D.; Mandal, S.-
2017Low Temperature Development of Nano-Hydroxyapatite from Austromegabalanus psittacus, Star fish and Sea urchinKomalakrishna, H.; Shine, Jyoth, T.G.; Kundu, B.; Mandal, S.-
2019Low-temperature reducible particle-free screen-printable silver ink for the fabrication of high conductive electrodesManjunath, G.; Pujar, P.; Gupta, B.; Gupta, D.; Mandal, S.-
2011Neuro-fuzzy based approach for wave transmission prediction of horizontally interlaced multilayer moored floating pipe breakwaterPatil, S.G.; Mandal, S.; Hegde, A.V.; Alavandar, S.-
2005Ocean wave parameters estimation using backpropagation neural networksMandal, S.; Rao, S.; Raju, D.H.-
2015Particle Swarm Optimization based support vector machine for damage level prediction of non-reshaped berm breakwaterHarish, N.; Mandal, S.; Rao, S.; Patil, S.G.-
2017Performance evaluation of ANFIS and SVM model in prediction of wave transmission over submerged reef of tandem breakwaterKuntoji, G.S.; Rao, S.; Manu; Mandal, S.-
2019PSO-SVM approach in the prediction of scour depth around different shapes of bridge pier in live bed scour conditionSreedhara, B.M.; Kuntoji, G.; Manu; Mandal, S.-
2018Retention of high dielectric constant sodium beta alumina via solution combustion: Role of aluminum ions complexation with fuelGupta, B.; Pujar, P.; Mal, S.S.; Gupta, D.; Mandal, S.-