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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Bias correction methods for hydrologic impact studies over India's Western Ghat basinsMudbhatkal, A.; Mahesha, A.-
2009Characterization of a coastal aquifer a case studySaldanha, J.P.; Vyshali; Mahesha, A.-
2009Conceptual model for the safe withdrawal of freshwater from coastal aquifersMahesha, A.-
2009Conjunctive use in India's Varada River BasinRamesh, H.; Mahesha, A.-
2010Effect of climate change on Netravathi riverflowRajeev, S.V.; Mahesha, A.-
2004Effect of hydraulic conductivity on seawater fresh water interface motion in coastal aquifersMahesha, A.; Satish, M.G.-
2006Effect of permeability of subsurface barrier on salt water intrusion in coastal aquifersMahesha, A.; Lakshmikant, K.-
2001Effect of strip recharge on sea water intrusion into aquifers [Effet d une bande de recharge sur l intrusion d eau de mer dans les aquif res]Mahesha, A.-
2001Effect of subsurface barrier on salt water intrusionMahesha, A.; Babu, M.M.-
2002Effectiveness of subsurface barrier on salt water intrusionMahesha, A.; Babu, M.-
2013Geomorphology and hydrogeology of coastal tracts of the Central West Coast of IndiaHonnanagoudar, S.S.; Reddy, D.V.; Mahesha, A.-
2011Groundwater modeling to simulate groundwater levels due to interlinking of rivers in Varada river basin, IndiaRamesh, H.; Mahesha, A.-
2016Groundwater sustainability assessment in coastal aquifersLathashri, U.A.; Mahesha, A.-
2012Harvesting of seasonal, tidal rivers: A case studyArchana, J.; Mahesha, A.-
2017Impacts of climate change on varied River-Flow regimes of southern indiaMudbhatkal, A.; Raikar, R.V.; Venkatesh, B.; Mahesha, A.-
2004Motion of seawater interface due to freshwater injection seawater extraction barrierMahesha, A.; Satish, M.G.-
2001An overview of control of salt water intrusion in coastal aquifersMahesha, A.-
2006An overview on planning and management of rural water supply a case studyRamesh, H.; Mahesha, A.-
2012Parameter estimation and vulnerability assessment of coastal unconfined aquifer to saltwater intrusionMahesha, A.; Vyshali; Lathashri, U.A.; Ramesh, H.-
2016Predictive Simulation of Seawater Intrusion in a Tropical Coastal AquiferLathashri, U.A.; Mahesha, A.-