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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2017A Novel Adaptive Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Contrast Enhancement of Satellite ImagesSuresh, S.; Lal, S.; Reddy, C.S.; Kiran, M.S.-
2019Novel color normalization method for hematoxylin eosin stained histopathology imagesRoy, S.; Lal, S.; Kini, J.R.-
2015A novel solution to routing in Cognitive Radio ad-hoc networks in high primary user traffic environmentsSridhar, A.; Sridhar, S.; Lal, S.-
2018Performance analysis of despeckling filters for retinal optical coherence tomography imagesGupta, P.K.; Lal, S.; Husain, F.-
2018A robust framework for quality enhancement of aerial remote sensing imagesKaruna, Kumari, E.; Das, D.; Suresh, S.; Lal, S.; Narasimhadhan, A.V.-
2019A robust framework for visibility enhancement of foggy imagesPal, N.S.; Lal, S.; Shinghal, K.-
2018A robust visibility restoration framework for rainy weather degraded imagesPal, N.S.; Lal, S.; Shinghal, K.-
2017A study about evolutionary and non-evolutionary segmentation techniques on hand radiographs for bone age assessmentSimu, S.; Lal, S.-
2018Two dimensional cuckoo search optimization algorithm based despeckling filter for the real ultrasound imagesGupta, P.K.; Lal, S.; Kiran, M.S.; Husain, F.-
2017Two-Dimensional CS Adaptive FIR Wiener Filtering Algorithm for the Denoising of Satellite ImagesSuresh, S.; Lal, S.-
2018Visibility enhancement of images degraded by hazy weather conditions using modified non-local approachPal, N.S.; Lal, S.; Shinghal, K.-
2018A Visibility Restoration Framework for rainy images by using Lo gradient minimization and Bilateral FilteringPal, N.S.; Lal, S.; Shinghal, K.-