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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020Optimal design of inverted rotary MR brake with waveform boundary using a novel combined magnetostatic approachSaini R.S.T.; Kumar H.; Chandramohan S.-
2021Optimal Design of Rotary Magneto-Rheological Drum Brake for Transfemoral ProsthesisSaini R.S.T.; Kumar H.; Chandramohan S.; Srinivasan S.-
2021Optimal Parameters Identification of Quarter Car Simulink Model for Better Ride Comfort and Road HoldingPuneet N.P.; Hegale A.; Kumar H.; Gangadharan, K.V.-
2017Optimization of Magneto-Rheological Damper for Maximizing Magnetic Flux Density in the Fluid Flow Gap Through FEA and GA ApproachesKrishna H.; Kumar H.; Gangadharan, K.V.-
2020Particulate matter (PM10) enhances RNA virus infection through modulation of innate immune responsesMishra R.; Krishnamoorthy P.; Gangamma, S.; Raut A.A.; Kumar H.-
2021Performance Evaluation of a Single Sensor Control Scheme Using a Twin-Tube MR Damper Based Semi-active SuspensionDesai R.M.; Jamadar M.-E.-H.; Kumar H.; Joladarashi S.-
2020Rheological characterization of tragacanth gum coated carbonyl particles based magnetorheological fluidSwaroop K.V.; Aruna M.N.; Kumar H.; Rahman M.R.-
2020Selection of optimal composition of MR fluid for a brake designed using MOGA optimization coupled with magnetic FEA analysisAcharya S.; Saini T.R.S.; Sundaram V.; Kumar H.-
2020Semi-active control of a swing phase dynamic model of transfemoral prosthetic device based on inverse dynamic modelSaini R.S.T.; Kumar H.; Chandramohan S.-
2021Study the dynamic behaviour of seven DOF of full car model with semi-active suspension systemKrishna H.; Vasanth S.; Sonnappa D.; Kumar H.; Gangadharan K.-
2020Synthesis of magnetorheological fluid and its application in a twin-tube valve mode automotive damperMadhavrao Desai R.; Acharya S.; Jamadar M.-E.-H.; Kumar H.; Joladarashi S.; Sekaran S.C.R.-
2020Vibration analysis of fully and partially filled sandwiched cantilever beam with magnetorheological fluIDSrinivasa N.; Gurubasavaraju T.M.; Kumar H.; Arun M.-