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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020Effective RTO estimation using Eifel Retransmission Timer in CoAPRathod V.J.; Krishnam S.; Kumar A.; Baraskar G.; Tahiliani M.P.-
2020ELBA-NoC: Ensemble learning-based accelerator for 2D and 3D network-on-chip architecturesKumar A.; Talawar B.-
2020Employing Differentiable Neural Computers for Image Captioning and Neural Machine TranslationSharma R.; Kumar A.; Meena D.; Pushp S.-
2019Floorplan Based Performance Estimation of Network-on-Chips using Regression TechniquesKumar A.; Talawar B.-
2021Microstructural and mechanical properties of AlCoCrCuFeNiSix (x = 0 and 0.9) high entropy alloysChandrakar R.; Kumar A.; Chandraker S.; Rao K.R.; Chopkar M.-
2021Microstructural and mechanical properties of AlCoCrCuFeNiSix (x = 0.3 and 0.6) high entropy alloys synthesized by spark plasma sinteringKumar A.; Chandrakar R.; Chandraker S.; Rao K.R.; Chopkar M.-
2021NucleiSegNet: Robust deep learning architecture for the nuclei segmentation of liver cancer histopathology imagesLal S.; Das D.; Alabhya K.; Kanfade A.; Kumar A.; Kini J.-
2019Numerical study of TiO2 nanofluid in multistage-bifurcated microchannel subjected to hotspotsKumar A.; Narendran G.; Perumal D.A.-
2021A partial key pre-distribution based en-route filtering scheme for wireless sensor networksKumar A.; Bansal N.; Pais A.R.-
2021Receiver architectures for 5g: Current status and future prospectsKumar A.; Sengar B.S.; Chaudhary S.; Pandey S.K.; Pandey S.K.; Hasan Raza Ansari M.; Aaryashree-
2020A robust method for nuclei segmentation of HE stained histopathology imagesLal S.; Desouza R.; Maneesh M.; Kanfade A.; Kumar A.; Perayil G.; Alabhya K.; Chanchal A.K.; Kini J.-
2020Simulation study of multilayer hybrid plasmonic switch using Franz-Keldysh effectSahu S.K.; Khoja R.; Kanu S.; Kumar A.; Singh M.-
2018Studies on modulus of resilience using cyclic tri-axial test and correlations to PFWD, DCP, and CBRGeorge V.; Kumar A.-