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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2017Capturing important information from an audio conversationRoshan, S.; Vinay, Kumar, S.; Kumar, M.-
2015Determination of fracture toughness and fatigue crack growth rate using circumferentially cracked round bar specimens of Al2014T651Neelakantha, V.L.; Jayaraju, T.; Naik, P.; Kumar, K, D.; Rajashekar, C.R.; Kumar, M.-
2011Geomorphological behaviour of Sasihithlu, Mangalore coast, west coast of IndiaNagaraj, G.; Karjagi, A.; Kumar, M.; Dwarakish, G.S.-
2020Improved separation of dyes and proteins using membranes made of polyphenylsulfone/cellulose acetate or acetate phthalateKumar, M.; Isloor, A.M.; Todeti, S.R.; Ibrahim, G.P.S.; Inamuddin; Ismail, A.F.; Asiri, A.M.-
2018Model selection among log-normal, Weibull, Gamma and generalized exponential distributionsRoshan, S.; Mohan, B.R.; Kumar, M.; Vandanapu, N.-
2017Performance evaluation of web browsers in iOS platformRoshan, S.; Vinay, Kumar, S.; Kumar, M.-
2017Project spear: Reporting human trafficking using crowdsourcingRoshan, S.; Vinay, Kumar, S.; Kumar, M.-
2019Studies for removal of tar from producer gas in small scale biomass gasifiers using biodieselMadav, V.; Das, D.; Kumar, M.; Surwade, M.; Parikh, P.P.; Sethi, V.-
2019Use of cellulose acetate/polyphenylsulfone derivatives to fabricate ultrafiltration hollow fiber membranes for the removal of arsenic from drinking waterKumar, M.; RaoT., S.; Isloor, A.M.; Ibrahim, G.P.S.; Inamuddin; Ismail, N.; Ismail, A.F.; Asiri, A.M.-