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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019An Improved Air Tissue Boundary Segmentation Technique for Real Time Magnetic Resonance Imaging Video Using SegnetValliappan, C.A.; Kumar, A.; Mannem, R.; Karthik, G.R.; Ghosh, P.K.-
2018Machine Learning Based Framework to Predict Performance Evaluation of On-Chip NetworksKumar, A.; Talawar, B.-
2014Microstructure and hardness of friction stir welded aluminium-copper matrix-based composite reinforced with 10 wt-% SiCpKumar, A.; Veeresh, Nayak, C.; Herbert, M.A.; Rao, S.S.-
2018Microstructure and wear behavior of austempered high carbon high silicon steelAcharya, P.; Kumar, A.; Bhat, R.-
2019MMAS on GPU for Large TSP InstancesYelmewad, P.; Kumar, A.; Talawar, B.-
2017Multi-sink En-Route Filtering Mechanism for Wireless Sensor NetworksKumar, A.; Pais, A.R.-
2019A New Combinatorial Design Based Data En-Route Filtering Scheme for Wireless Sensor NetworksKumar, A.; Pais, A.R.-
2019A new combinatorial design based key pre-distribution scheme for wireless sensor networksKumar, A.; Pais, A.R.-
2019A new hybrid key pre-distribution scheme for wireless sensor networksKumar, A.; Pais, A.R.-
2019New key pre-distribution scheme based on combinatorial design for wireless sensor networksKumar, A.; Bansal, N.; Pais, A.R.-
2018Numerical simulation of microgap based focal brain cooling bioimplants for treatment of epilepsyNarendran, G.; Kumar, A.; Gnanasekaran, N.; Arumuga, Perumal, D.-
2018Optimisation of Machining Parameters using Grey Relation Analysis integrated with Harmony Search for Turning of AISI D2 SteelKumari, S.; Kumar, A.; Kumar, Yadav, R.; Vivekananda, K.-
2013Optimized low power low cost pulse oximeter for remote patient monitoringAgrawal, N.; Agrawal, S.; Kumar, A.; Kini, M.R.-
2020Performance analysis of RoFSO links with spatial diversity over combined channel model for 5G in smart city applicationsKumar, A.; Krishnan, P.-
2014Performance evaluation of voltage stability index to assess steady state voltage collapsePrabhakar, P.; Kumar, A.-
2017Smart multimode transmission for automobilesSrinath, N.; Kumar, A.; Joladarashi, S.-
2019A Support Vector Regression-Based Approach to Predict the Performance of 2D 3D On-Chip Communication ArchitecturesKumar, A.; Talawar, B.-
2011Towards evaluating resilience of SIP server under low rate DoS attackKumar, A.; Santhi Thilagam, P.; Pais, A.R.; Sharma, V.; Sadalkar, K.M.-
2020UPM-NoC: Learning based framework to predict performance parameters of mesh architecture in on-chip networksKumar, A.; Talawar, B.-
2013Utilization of renewable agricultural residues for the production of extracellular halostable cellulase from newly isolated halomonas sp. strain PS47Shivanand, P.; Mugeraya, G.; Kumar, A.-