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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Effect of flexure beam geometry and material on the displacement of piezo actuated diaphragm for micropumpRoopa, R.; Navin, Karanth, P.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2018Effect of flexure hinge geometry on central deflection of piezo actuated diaphragm for micropumpRoopa, R.; Karanth, P.N.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2019An experimental investigation on low-velocity impact response of novel jute/rubber flexible bio-compositeMahesh, V.; Joladarashi, S.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2019Experimental investigation on performance of disposable micropump with retrofit piezo stack actuator for biomedical applicationMohith, S.; Karanth, P.N.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2018Experimental investigation on slurry erosive behaviour of biodegradable flexible composite and optimization of parameters using Taguchi's approachMahesh, V.; Joladarashi, S.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2019Experimental study on Abrasive wear behaviour of flexible green composite intended to be used as Protective Cladding for StructuresMahesh, V.; Joladarashi, S.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2019An experimental study on adhesion, flexibility, interlaminar shear strength, and damage mechanism of jute/rubber-based flexible green compositeMahesh, V.; Joladarashi, S.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2019FE analysis of FRP pressure vesselBiradar, S.; Sharnappa, J.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2018Finite element simulation of low velocity impact loading on a sandwich compositeVishwas, M.; Joladarashi, S.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2018Impact analysis of natural fiber and synthetic fiber reinforced polymer compositeSangamesh; Ravishankar, K.S.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2019Influence of conductive and dielectric fillers on the relaxation of solid silicone rubber compositesManohar, Shankar, B.S.; Hiremath, S.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2018Influence of Drilling Parameters on Torque during Drilling of GFRP Composites Using Response Surface MethodologyMohan, N.S.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2005Influence of process parameters on cutting force and torque during drilling of glass-fiber polyester reinforced compositesMohan, N.S.; Ramachandra, A.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2019Influence of weave pattern and composite thickness on mechanical properties of bamboo/epoxy compositesKanaginahal, G.M.; Hebbar, H.S.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2019Influences of dielectric and conductive fillers on dielectric and mechanical properties of solid silicone rubber compositesShankar, B.S.M.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2012Instrumented ballistic performance of jute/epoxy sandwich with functionally graded rubber coreDoddamani, M.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2019Investigation of piezo-capacitance and piezo-resistance properties of solid silicone rubber-conductive carbon black compositesShankar, B.S.M.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2019Investigation on electromechanical properties of solid silicone rubber composites with conductive carbon fillerManohar, Shankar, B.S.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2018Investigation on Influence of Geometry on Performance of a Cavity-less Pressure SensorMathias, K.A.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2019Investigation on the eect of using rubber as core material in sandwich composite plate subjected to low-velocity normal and oblique impact loadingsVishwas, M.; Joladarashi, Sh.; Kulkarni, S.M.-