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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Medical Image Retrieval Using Manifold Ranking with Relevance FeedbackSoundalgekar, P.; Kulkarni, M.; Nagaraju, D.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2010MIMO radar with spatial-frequency diversity for improved detection performanceShanbhag, K.V.; Deb, A.; Kulkarni, M.-
2019Modified QUIC protocol for improved network performance and comparison with QUIC and TCPKharat, P.; Kulkarni, M.-
2012A novel hybrid scheme using MLE with pulse shaping for ICI cancellation in OFDM systemsSavitha, H.M.; Kulkarni, M.-
2009A novel optimal fuzzy system for color image enhancement using bacterial foragingHanmandlu, M.; Verma, O.P.; Kumar, N.K.; Kulkarni, M.-
2013On the improved performance of luby transform codes over selective repeat ARQ in turbulent free space optical linksPrakash, G.; Nayak, A.; Kulkarni, M.; Acharya, S.-
2010Performance analysis of energy efficient asymmetric coding and modulation schemes for wireless sensor networksKamath, G.M.; Shekar, Y.; Abhijith, K.G.; Shripathi, Acharya U.; Kulkarni, M.-
2013Performance analysis of energy efficient modulation and coding schemes for wireless sensor networksShivaprakasha, K.S.; Kulkarni, M.; Patkar, R.-
2011Performance analysis of fountain codes with Robust Soliton distribution for erasure channelsPrakash, G.; Nayak, M.; Kulkarni, M.; Shripathi, Acharya U.-
2012Performance analysis of Free Space Optical links encoded using Luby Transform codesPrakash, G.; Kulkarni, M.; Shripathi, Acharya U.; Kalyanpur, M.N.-
2010Performance comparison of MANET routing protocolsKumar, J.; Kulkarni, M.; Gupta, D.-
2013Performance enhancement of optical QPSK systems with coherent reception for high speed linksJokhakar, Jignesh, D.; Shripathi, Acharya U.; Kulkarni, M.-
2013Performance of QPSK modulation for FSO geo-synchronous satellite communication link under atmospheric turbulenceJokhakar, Jignesh, D.; Shripathi, Acharya U.; Kulkarni, M.-
2018QUIC Protocol Performance in Wireless NetworksKharat, P.K.; Rege, A.; Goel, A.; Kulkarni, M.-
2017Range adjustable hybrid multi path routing algorithm for WSNsNishant, J.D.; Kulkarni, M.; Shivaprakasha, K.S.-
2011A simple single seeded region growing algorithm for color image segmentation using adaptive thresholdingVerma, O.P.; Hanmandlu, M.; Susan, S.; Kulkarni, M.; Jain, P.K.-
2018Situation-Based Congestion Control Strategies for Wired and Wireless NetworksKharat, P.K.; Kulkarni, M.-
2019Transmit Data Rate Control Based Decentralized Congestion Control Mechanism for VANETsPatil, A.; Deeksha, M.; Shekar, N.; Shet, V.; Kulkarni, M.-
2012Using RBF neural networks and kullback-leibler distance to classify channel models in Free Space OpticsPrakash, G.; Kulkarni, M.; Shripathi, Acharya U.-