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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019Design and Analysis of FBG Sensor for Explosive Detection ApplicationsShree, M.D.; Sangeetha, A.; Krishnan, P.-
2018Design of Collision Detection System for Smart Car Using Li-Fi and Ultrasonic SensorKrishnan, P.-
2020Enhanced Optical Wireless Communication System for Bio-signal Monitoring ApplicationsKrishnan, P.; Gopikrishna, S.-
2020Experimental demonstration and analysis of underwater wireless optical communication link: Design, BCH coded receiver diversity over the turbid and turbulent seawater channelsRamavath, P.N.; Udupi, S.A.; Krishnan, P.-
2020High-speed and reliable Underwater Wireless Optical Communication system using Multiple-Input Multiple-Output and channel coding techniques for IoUT applicationsRamavath, P.N.; Acharya, Udupi, S.; Krishnan, P.-
2019Modelling of OFDM based RoFSO system for 5G applications over varying weather conditions: A case studyPati, P.S.; Krishnan, P.-
2018Performance Analysis of Hybrid RF/FSO System Using BPSK-SIM and DPSK-SIM Over Gamma-Gamma Turbulence Channel With Pointing Errors for Smart City ApplicationsKrishnan, P.-
2020Performance analysis of RoFSO links with spatial diversity over combined channel model for 5G in smart city applicationsKumar, A.; Krishnan, P.-
2019Performance enhancement of BPSK-SIM- and DPSK-SIM-based FSO downlink over atmospheric turbulence using aperture averaging and receiver diversityKrishnan, P.; Jha, G.K.; Walia, A.-