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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020Evaluation of liquefaction potential of soil at a power plant site in Chittagong, BangladeshSengupta S.; Kolathayar S.-
2021Near-surface seismic refraction tomography and MASW for site characterization in Phuentsholing, Bhutan HimalayaSarkar R.; Kolathayar S.; Drukpa D.; Choki K.; Rai S.; Tshering S.T.; Yuden K.-
2020Performance Evaluation of Coir Geocells as Soil Retention System Under Dry and Wet ConditionsChitrachedu R.K.; Kolathayar S.-
2020Performance of Footing on Clay Bed Reinforced with Coir Cell NetworksKolathayar S.; Narasimhan S.; Kamaludeen R.; Sitharam T.G.-
2020Pseudostatic analysis of soil nailed vertical wall for composite failureMuthukumar S.; Kolathayar S.; Valli A.; Sathyan D.-
2020Stability analysis of dike to impound freshwater in brackish water estuarine environmentKrishnan A.; Kolathayar S.-
2020Strength Behavior of Rammed Earth Stabilized with MetakaolinThiviya S.K.; Krishnan A.G.; Kalathuru M.; Sharma A.K.; Kolathayar S.-
2020Strength Tests and Model Experiments on Soil Reinforced with Areca and PVA FibersKolathayar S.; Prasannan S.; Sharma A.K.-
2021A Sustainable Approach to Turn Plastic Waste into Useful Construction BlocksMonish K.; Jesuran J.J.; Kolathayar S.-
2020Synthesis of Linear JTFA-Based Response Spectra for Structural Response and Seismic Reduction Measures for North-East IndiaDevaraj D.; Ramkrishnan R.; Prabu T.; Kolathayar S.; Sitharam T.G.-