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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2021Influence of different fumed silica as thixotropic additive on carbonyl particles magnetorheological fluids for sedimentation effectsAruna M.N.; Rahman M.R.; Joladarashi S.; Kumar H.; Devadas Bhat P.-
2019Influence of laminate thickness and impactor shape on low velocity impact response of jute-epoxy composite: FE studyMahesh V.; Joladarashi S.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2021Influence of thickness and projectile shape on penetration resistance of the compliant compositeMahesh V.; Joladarashi S.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2020Investigation of sedimentation, rheological, and damping force characteristics of carbonyl iron magnetorheological fluid with/without additivesAruna M.N.; Rahman M.R.; Joladarashi S.; Kumar H.-
2020Investigation on mechanical behaviour of filament wound glass/epoxy composites subjected to water absorption and also tribological studies using Taguchi methodBiradar S.; Joladarashi S.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2020Microstructural and Tribological Resistance of Flame-Sprayed CoMoCrSi/WC-CrC-Ni and CoMoCrSi/WC-12Co Composite Coatings Remelted by Microwave EnergyPrasad C.D.; Joladarashi S.; Ramesh M.R.; Srinath M.S.-
2021Performance Evaluation of a Single Sensor Control Scheme Using a Twin-Tube MR Damper Based Semi-active SuspensionDesai R.M.; Jamadar M.-E.-H.; Kumar H.; Joladarashi S.-
2020Studies on free and forced vibration of functionally graded back plate with brake insulator of a disc brake systemPatil R.; Joladarashi S.; Kadoli R.-
2020Synthesis of magnetorheological fluid and its application in a twin-tube valve mode automotive damperMadhavrao Desai R.; Acharya S.; Jamadar M.-E.-H.; Kumar H.; Joladarashi S.; Sekaran S.C.R.-
2020Vibration control of beam with magnetic rotating unbalanceKumar N.; Joladarashi S.; Gangadharan, K.V.; Vivek R.S.-