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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2014Gauss curvature-driven image inpainting for image reconstructionJidesh, P.; George, S.-
2013Geometric transform invariant Brain-MR image analysis for tumor detectionTom, A.; Jidesh, P.-
2017Image despeckling and deblurring via regularized complex diffusionJidesh, P.; Bini, A.A.-
2018Image despeckling with non-local total bounded variation regularizationJidesh, P.; Banothu, B.-
2016Image Restoration Using Adaptive Region-Wise p-Norm Filter with Local ConstraintsBini, A.A.; Jidesh, P.-
2017Improved robust semi-local convergence analysis of Newton's method for cone inclusion problem in Banach spaces under restricted convergence domains and majorant conditionsArgyros, I.K.; Jidesh, P.; George, S.-
2015An improved semi-local convergence analysis for a three point method of order 1.839 in banach spaceArgyros, I.K.; Jidesh, P.; George, S.-
2014Inverse free iterative methods for nonlinear ill-posed operator equationsArgyros, I.K.; George, S.; Jidesh, P.-
2017Iterative regularization methods for ill-posed operator equations in Hilbert scalesArgyros, I.K.; George, S.; Jidesh, P.-
2019Lung nodule identification and classification from distorted CT images for diagnosis and detection of lung cancerSavitha, G.; Jidesh, P.-
2019Multiple-Coil Magnetic Resonance Image Denoising and Deblurring With Nonlocal Total Bounded VariationHolla, K.S.; Jidesh, P.; Bini, A.A.-
2018Noise classification and automatic restoration system using non-local regularization frameworksFebin, I.P.; Jidesh, P.; Bini, A.A.-
2018Non-local Gradient Fidelity Model for Multiplicative Gamma Noise RemovalBalaji, B.; Jidesh, P.-
2018Non-local total bounded variation scheme for multiple-coil magnetic resonance image restorationJidesh, P.; Holla, S.-
2018Non-local total variation regularization approach for image restoration under a Poisson degradationHolla, Kayyar, S.; Jidesh, P.-
2018Non-local total variation regularization models for image restorationJidesh, P.; K., S.H.-
2017On the local convergence of newton-like methods with fourth and fifth order of convergence under hypotheses only on the first fr chet derivativeArgyros, I.K.; Jidesh, P.; George, S.-
2015A quadratic convergence yielding iterative method for the implementation of Lavrentiev regularization method for ill-posed equationsJidesh, P.; Shubha, V.S.; George, S.-
2013Quantification and morphology studies of nanoporous alumina membranes: A new algorithm for digital image processingChoudhari, K.S.; Jidesh, P.; Sudheendra, P.; Kulkarni, S.D.-
2011Reconstruction of signals by standard Tikhonov methodGeorge, S.; Jidesh, P.-