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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Influence of axial compressive loads on buckling and free vibration response of surface-modified fly ash cenosphere/epoxy syntactic foamsWaddar, S.; Jeyaraj, P.; Doddamani, M.-
2016Influence of nature of core on vibro acoustic behavior of sandwich aerospace structuresArunkumar, M.P.; Jeyaraj, P.; Gangadharan, K.V.; Lenin, Babu, M.C.-
2014Influence of redmud on the mechanical, damping and chemical resistance properties of banana/polyester hybrid compositesArumuga, prabu, V.; Uthayakumar, M.; Manikandan, V.; Rajini, N.; Jeyaraj, P.-
2020Influence of textile properties on dynamic mechanical behavior of epoxy composite reinforced with woven sisal fabricsNagamadhu, M.; Jeyaraj, P.; Mohankumar, G.C.-
2017Mechanical and dynamic mechanical behaviour of novel glass natural fibre intra-ply woven polyester compositesRajesh, M.; Jeyaraj, P.-
2019Mechanical and tribological behavior of woven sisal fabricNagamadhu, M.; Jeyaraj, P.; Mohankumar, G.C.-
2018Mechanical behavior of woven natural fiber fabric composites: Effect of weaving architecture, intra-ply hybridization and stacking sequence of fabricsRajesh, M.; Singh, S.P.; Jeyaraj, P.-
2017Mechanical characterization of natural fiber intra-ply fabric polymer composites: Influence of chemical modificationsRajesh, M.; Jeyaraj, P.-
2017Mechanical Properties of Natural Fiber Braided Yarn Woven Composite: Comparison with Conventional Yarn Woven CompositeRajesh, M.; Jeyaraj, P.-
2019Newtonian approach towards mathematical modelling and tuning of a continuously variable transmissionBharadwaj, P.B.; Jeyaraj, P.-
2018Nonuniform Heat Effects on Buckling of Laminated Composite Beam: Experimental InvestigationsGeorge, N.; Jeyaraj, P.-
2018A novel approach to determine the thermal transition of gum powder/hydro-gels using dynamic mechanical analysisNagamadhu, M.; Jeyaraj, P.; Mohankumar, G.C.-
2017Optimization of buckling strength and fundamental frequency of uniformly heated cylindrical panel using PSOBhagat, V.; Jeyaraj, P.; Murigendrappa, S.M.-
2018Snap-through buckling of fly ash cenosphere/epoxy syntactic foams under thermal environmentWaddar, S.; Jeyaraj, P.; Doddamani, M.-
2016Sound radiation and transmission loss characteristics of a honeycomb sandwich panel with composite facings: Effect of inherent material dampingArunkumar, M.P.; Jagadeesh, M.; Jeyaraj, P.; Gangadharan, K.V.; Babu, M.C.L.-
2017Sound transmission loss characteristics of sandwich aircraft panels: Influence of nature of coreArunkumar, M.P.; Jeyaraj, P.; Gangadharan, K.V.; Lenin, Babu, M.C.-
2013Static behavior of FG-CNT polymer nano composite plate under elevated non-uniform temperature fieldsJeyaraj, P.; Rajkumar, I.-
2018Static deflection and thermal stress analysis of non-uniformly heated tapered composite laminate plates with ply drop-offAshok, S.; Jeyaraj, P.-
2017Structural optimization of rotating tapered laminated thick composite plates with ply drop-offsEdwin, Sudhagar, P.; Ananda, Babu, A.; Rajamohan, V.; Jeyaraj, P.-
2014Synergy of fiber length and content on free vibration and damping behavior of natural fiber reinforced polyester composite beamsSenthil, Kumar, K.; Siva, I.; Jeyaraj, P.; Winowlin, Jappes, J.T.; Amico, S.C.; Rajini, N.-