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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2015Optimal backstepping sliding mode control for robot manipulatorVijay, M.; Jena, D.-
2015Optimal GA based SMC with adaptive PID sliding surface for robot manipulatorVijay, M.; Jena, D.-
2018An over-limit risk assessment of PV integrated power system using probabilistic load flow based on multi-time instant uncertainty modelingPrusty, B.R.; Jena, D.-
2015PID control design for the pressure regulation of PEM fuel cellSwain, P.; Jena, D.-
2018Practical limitations of embedded Z-source DC-DC converters in PV applicationsReddivari, R.P.; Jena, D.-
2018Preprocessing of Multi-Time Instant PV Generation DataRajanarayan, Prusty, B.; Jena, D.-
2019Probabilistic Load Flow in a Transmission System Integrated with Photovoltaic GenerationsRajanarayan, Prusty, B.; Jena, D.-
2018PSO based backstepping sliding mode controller and observer for robot manipulatorsVijay, M.; Jena, D.-
2018Reconfigurable highly efficient CMOS-based dual input variable output switched capacitor converter for low power applicationsAbraham, C.; Subburaj, V.; Jena, D.; Perumal, P.; Jose, B.R.; Mathew, J.-
2018Sampling based motion planning of Ackermann steering system using transformationAcharya, R.; Jena, D.-
2013Second order ISMC for variable speed wind turbineSaravanakumar, R.; Jena, D.-
2017A sensitivity matrix-based temperature-augmented probabilistic load flow studyPrusty, B.R.; Jena, D.-
2015Sequence operation theory based probabilistic load flow assessment with photovoltaic generationPrusty, B.R.; Jena, D.-
2013Simple and accurate method of modeling Photovoltaic module: A different approachJena, D.; Ramana, V.V.-
2019A spatiotemporal probabilistic model-based temperature-augmented probabilistic load flow considering PV generationsPrusty, B.R.; Jena, D.-
2017Sub-period interleaved Fibonacci switched capacitor converterSubburaj, V.; Jena, D.-
2019Two phase (reconfigurable) inverting switched capacitor converter for micro power applications and its accurate equivalent resistance calculationSubburaj, V.; Mustafa, Y.; Zhaikhan, A.; Jena, D.; Perumal, P.; Ruderman, A.-
2019Uncertainty Modeling Steps for Probabilistic Steady-State AnalysisRajanarayan, Prusty, B.; Jena, D.-
2015Validation of an integral sliding mode control for optimal control of a three blade variable speed variable pitch wind turbineSaravanakumar, R.; Jena, D.-
2014Variable speed wind turbine for maximum power capture using adaptive fuzzy integral sliding mode controlRajendran, S.; Jena, D.-