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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019A Comparative Study of Different Capacitor Voltage Control Design Strategies for Z-Source InverterKumar, K.V.; Reddivari, R.; Jena, D.-
2012A continuous-discrete mode of optimal control of AGC for multi area hydrothermal system using genetic algorithmVijay, M.; Jena, D.-
2016Control Strategy to Maximize Power Extraction in Wind TurbineSaravanakumar, R.; Jena, D.-
2018A critical analysis of Z-source converters considering the effects of internal resistancesReddivari, R.; Jena, D.-
2017Cumulant-based correlated probabilistic load flow considering photovoltaic generation and electric vehicle charging demandBhat, N.G.; Prusty, B.R.; Jena, D.-
2016Design and implementation of sliding mode voltage controller for DC to DC buck converter by using hysteresis modulation and pulse width modulationKiran, B.; Parthiban, P.; Jena, D.; Prakash, P.S.-
2017Design of series, Fi=Fi-1+Fi-3 for the denominators (1, 2,6) of switched capacitor converterSubburaj, V.; Jena, D.; Kumar, R.; Deshmukh, A.V.; Nayak, B.; Bansal, H.-
2017Design, modeling and analysis of a new dual input-output switched capacitor converterZhaikhan, A.; Subburaj, V.; Jena, D.; Perumal, P.; Ruderman, A.-
2018A detailed formulation of sensitivity matrices for probabilistic load flow assessment considering electro-thermal coupling effectPrusty, B.R.; Jena, D.-
2018A detailed model of Z-source converter considering parasitic parametersReddivari, R.; Jena, D.-
2011A differential evolution based neural network approach to nonlinear system identificationSubudhi, B.; Jena, D.-
2018Differential mode gamma source inverter with reduced switching stressesReddivari, R.; Jena, D.-
2018Differential Mode Y-Source DC-DC Converter for Better Performance with Loosely Coupled InductorsReddivari, R.; Jena, D.; Goutham, T.N.-
2017An efficient hybrid technique for correlated probabilistic load flow study with photovoltaic generationsPrusty, B.R.; Jena, D.-
2017Estimation of optimal number of components in Gaussian mixture model-based probabilistic load flow studyPrusty, B.R.; Jena, D.-
2014GA based adaptive controller for 2DOF robot manipulatorVijay, M.; Jena, D.-
2018Gradient descent in sample-based single-query path planning algorithmAcharya, R.; Jena, D.-
2019High efficiency two-phase switched-capacitor converter with seven distinct negative voltage ratios for power saving applicationsSubburaj, V.; Jena, D.; Perumal, P.; Mahnashi, Y.-
2016Intelligent adaptive observer-based optimal control of overhead transmission line de-icing robot manipulatorVijay, M.; Jena, D.-
2019Investigation of a family of dual-output coupled/decoupled switched capacitor converter for low-power applicationsSubburaj, V.; Zhaikhan, A.; Jena, D.; Perumal, P.; Mustafa, Y.; Ruderman, A.-