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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2016Battery-ultracapacitor storage devices to mitigate power fluctuations for grid connected PV systemJayalakshmi, N.S.; Gaonkar, D.N.; Kumar, J.V.; Karthik, R.P.-
2017A control strategy for power management in a PV-battery hybrid system with MPPTJayalakshmi, N.S.; Gaonkar, D.N.; Adarsh, S.; Sunil, S.-
2012Dynamic modeling and analysis of an isolated self excited induction generator driven by a wind turbineJayalakshmi, N.S.; Gaonkar, D.N.-
2012Dynamic modeling and performance analysis of grid connected PMSG based variable speed wind turbines with simple power conditioning systemJayalakshmi, N.S.; Gaonkar, D.N.; Kumar, K.S.K.-
2014Dynamic modeling and performance study of a stand-alone photovoltaic system with battery supplying dynamic loadJayalakshmi, N.S.; Gaonkar, D.N.; Balan, A.; Patil, P.; Raza, S.A.-
2017GA based optimal location and size of the distributed generators in distribution system for different load conditionsShivarudraswamy, R.; Gaonkar, D.N.; Jayalakshmi, N.S.-
2015An integrated Control Approach and Power Management of Stand-alone Hybrid Wind/PV/Battery Power Generation System with Maximum Power Extraction CapabilityJayalakshmi, N.S.; Gaonkar, D.N.-
2014Maximum power point tracking for grid integrated variable speed wind based distributed generation system with dynamic loadJayalakshmi, N.S.; Gaonkar, D.N.-
2016A new control method to mitigate power fluctuations for grid integrated PV/wind hybrid power system using ultracapacitorsJayalakshmi, N.S.; Gaonkar, D.N.-
2015Operation of grid integrated wind/PV hybrid system with grid perturbationsJayalakshmi, N.S.; Gaonkar, D.N.-
2011Performance study of isolated hybrid power system with multiple generation and energy storage unitsJayalakshmi, N.S.; Gaonkar, D.N.-
2014Performance study of roof top wind solar microgrid system in isolated mode of operationGaonkar, D.N.; Jayalakshmi, N.S.; Raghvendra, P.-
2016Power control of PV/fuel cell/supercapacitor hybrid system for stand-alone applicationsJayalakshmi, N.S.; Gaonkar, D.N.; Nempu, P.B.-
2019Power smoothing method of PMSG based grid integrated wind energy conversion system using BESS/DSTATCOMJayalakshmi, N.S.; Gaonkar, D.N.; Jain, S.K.-