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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020One-step synthesis of zwitterionic graphene oxide nanohybrid: Application to polysulfone tight ultrafiltration hollow fiber membraneSyed Ibrahim G.P.; Isloor A.M.; Ismail A.F.; Farnood R.-
2020Pervaporation dehydration of bio-fuel (n-butanol) by dry thermal treatment membraneManshad S.; Isloor A.M.; Mohd Nawawi M.G.; Inamuddin; Khan I.; Marwani H.M.-
2020Poly(Homopiperazine-Amide) Thin-Film Composite Membrane for Nanofiltration of Heavy Metal IonsIbrahim S.; Mohammadi Ghaleni M.; Isloor A.M.; Bavarian M.; Nejati S.-
2021Poly(ionic liquid)-Based charge and size selective loose nanofiltration membrane for molecular separationNaik N.S.; Padaki M.; Isloor A.M.; Nagaraja K.K.; Vishnumurthy K.A.-
2020Removal of toxic arsenic from aqueous media using polyphenylsulfone/cellulose acetate hollow fiber membranes containing zirconium oxideKumar M.; Isloor A.M.; Somasekhara Rao T.; Ismail A.F.; Farnood R.; Nambissan P.M.G.-
2019Reverse osmosis pretreatment techniques, fouling, and control strategiesIbrahim G.P.S.; Isloor A.M.; Farnood R.-
2020Structure and rheology of chitosan-nanohydroxyapatite composite hydrogel for soft tissue regenerationKumar B.Y.S.; Isloor A.M.; Perisamy K.; Kumar G.C.M.-
2020Tuning the surface properties of Fe3O4 by zwitterionic sulfobetaine: application to antifouling and dye removal membraneIbrahim G.P.S.; Isloor A.M.; Inamuddin; Asiri A.M.; Farnood R.-