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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2016Axis switching in impinging premixed methane-air flame jetsHindasageri, V.; Kuntikana, P.; Tajik, A.R.; Vedula, R.P.; Prabhu, S.V.-
2015Effect of preheated mixture on heat transfer characteristics of impinging methane-air premixed flame jetTajik, A.R.; Kuntikana, P.; Prabhu, S.V.; Hindasageri, V.-
2017An experimental and numerical study on effects of exhaust gas temperature and flow rate on deposit formation in Urea-Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system of modern automobilesSadashiva, Prabhu, S.; Nayak, N.S.; Kapilan, N.; Hindasageri, V.-
2016Heat transfer distribution of impinging flame and air jets - A comparative studyKadam, A.R.; Tajik, A.R.; Hindasageri, V.-
2019Heat transfer distribution of premixed methane-air laminar flame jets impinging on ribbed surfacesKadam, A.R.; Parida, R.K.; Hindasageri, V.; Kumar, G.N.-
2017Influence of mixed convection in an exponentially decreasing external flow velocityPatil, P.M.; Ramane, H.S.; Roy, S.; Hindasageri, V.; Momoniat, E.-
2017Local heat transfer distribution on a flat plate impinged by a swirling jet generated by a twisted tapeKumar, S.S.; Hindasageri, V.; Prabhu, S.V.-
2015A numerical investigation on heat transfer and emissions characteristics of impinging radial jet reattachment combustion (RJRC) flameTajik, A.R.; Hindasageri, V.-
2018Simultaneous estimation of heat transfer coefficient and reference temperature from impinging flame jetsKadam, A.R.; Prabhu, S.V.; Hindasageri, V.-
2018Transient heat transfer characterization of impinging hot / cold jets by analytical IHCPKadam, A.R.; Hindasageri, V.; Kumar, G.N.-