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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2012Learning by creating: Interactive programming for Indian high schoolsGupta, N.; Tejovanth, N.; Murthy, P.-
2017Prediction of modulus at various strain rates from dynamic mechanical analysis data for polymer matrix compositesZeltmann, S.E.; Prakash, K.A.; Doddamani, M.; Gupta, N.-
2016Prediction of strain rate sensitivity of high density polyethylene using integral transform of dynamic mechanical analysis dataZeltmann, S.E.; Bharath, Kumar, B.R.; Doddamani, M.; Gupta, N.-
2016Processing of cenosphere/HDPE syntactic foams using an industrial scale polymer injection molding machineBharath, Kumar, B.R.; Doddamani, M.; Zeltmann, S.E.; Gupta, N.; Ramesh, M.R.; Ramakrishna, S.-
2016Quasi-Static and High Strain Rate Compressive Response of Injection-Molded Cenosphere/HDPE Syntactic FoamBharath, Kumar, B.R.; Singh, A.K.; Doddamani, M.; Luong, D.D.; Gupta, N.-
2016Tensile behavior of compression molded glass microballoon/HDPE syntactic foamsJayavardhan, M.L.; Bharath, Kumar, B.R.; Doddamani, M.; Zeltmann, S.E.; Gupta, N.-
2015Tensile properties of cenosphere/HDPE syntactic foams manufactured using an industrial scale injection molding techniqueKumar, B.R.B.; Doddamani, M.; Gupta, N.-
2015Tribological response of cenosphere/epoxy syntactic foamsManakari, V.; Parande, G.; Bafna, K.; Doddamani, M.; Gupta, N.-
2017Wear response of walnut-shell-reinforced epoxy compositesDoddamani, M.; Parande, G.; Manakari, V.; Siddhalingeshwar, I.G.; Gaitonde, V.N.; Gupta, N.-