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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020Extensions of kantorovich-type theorems for Newton's methodArgyros I.K.; George S.; Sahu D.R.-
2021Fractional Tikhonov regularization method in Hilbert scalesMekoth C.; George S.; Jidesh P.-
2019Improved qualitative analysis for newton-like methods with r-order of convergence at least three in banach spacesArgyros I.K.; George S.-
2020Improving the radius of convergence for the traub’s method for multiple rootsArgyros I.K.; George S.-
2020An inverse free broyden’s method for solving equationsArgyros I.K.; George S.-
2020Local comparison between two ninth convergence order algorithms for equationsRegmi S.; Argyros I.K.; George S.-
2021Local comparison between two-step methods under the same conditionsArgyros I.K.; George S.-
2019Local convergence of osada’s method for finding zeros with multiplicityArgyros I.K.; George S.-
2019Modified newton-type compositions for solving equations in banach spacesArgyros I.K.; George S.-
2020Newton–Kantorovich regularization method for nonlinear ill-posed equations involving m- accretive operators in Banach spacesSreedeep C.D.; George S.; Argyros I.K.-
2018On a New Semilocal Convergence Analysis for the Jarratt MethodArgyros I.K.; Khattri S.K.; George S.-
2019On an eighth order steffensen-type solver free of derivativesArgyros I.K.; George S.-
2020On an iterative method without inverses of derivatives for solving equationsArgyros I.K.; George S.-
2020On the solution of equations by extended discretizationArgyros G.I.; Argyros M.I.; Regmi S.; Argyros I.K.; George S.-
2021Unified ball convergence of third and fourth convergence order algorithms under ω−continuity conditionsArgyros G.; Argyros M.; Argyros I.K.; George S.-
2019Weaker convergence conditions of an iterative method for nonlinear ill-posed equationsArgyros I.K.; George S.-